Friday, April 27, 2007

Tiffany-Twisted Blogdeo

The other day I was surfing through my typical stock message boards and came across a post regarding a stock I was researching. The situation of this stock is that basically it had an asking price (what buyers can expect to pay for each share) but no bid (what sellers receive for each share). So in other words, you can buy as much of the stock as you want but you can't sell it. Someone coined the situation as being like Hotel California.

That led me to wanting to listen to that title song. I had a version of it by Al B Sure that I popped in my CD player. I then went to Youtube because I had to see if a video of Hotel California was ever made.

Unfortunately none existed (well at least none that I found). I saw performances of the song by The Eagles, who were the original artists, but no music video. So for the first time since Toni Braxton's Talking In His Sleep, I was inspired to make another blogdeo. Unlike that attempt, though, this one is slightly more interactive.

I created an account on this website called Jumpcut that allows users to create their own videos based on clips, movies, and/or photos. I then got busy scowering the internet for the perfect images for my blogdeo. The results of which are presented here.

Presenting: Hotel California


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Power Comcrapstic

My Comcast connection has been down for several days this week with only a brief reprieve late Monday night. I've been annoyed with Comcast in the past and it seems to only be on the rise. My theory is that Comcast has too many customers and not enough bandwidth to handle it all. My first three years with Comcast internet I never had any issues but they were new to my area. I was probably one of the first customers to sign up soon as they were available. I have an appointment Saturday but I'm thinking of cancelling it because I'm sure they'll find no issues and then they'll want to charge me for the visit.

Right now I'm thinking of switching to AT&T. The company's smart, though. They want you to switch phone service to them first before even considering using their Internet service. But I have been looking to switch phone service too and have been reluctant to give it to Comcast. So maybe it's not such a bad idea.

Also I finally did get a laptop. I know the majority of the comments were singing the praises of IBM's Thinkpad. Unfortunately the one that I wanted was way over my budget. So I wound up getting a Toshiba laptop from BestBuy. I went through the trouble too of buying a wireless router but then when I turned on the wireless switch, I noticed there were several connections I could make (only one of which was secure). I was a little hesistant to connect, though. I keep hearing stories about security and/or lack of it and feared getting some kind of virus. The one secure one had a name 2WIRE88 or something like that. I need to read up more on it and see what steps I can do to make things more secure for me should I pursue that option.

With the way my Comcast connection's been behaving lately, I'm desperate. The Internet's like a drug and it's hard being away from it for any period of time.

Hemingway in other news, Rock and I are doing good still (it'll be six months in a couple weeks...which is like being together almost 5 years in gay terms...*LOL*). I got a chance to ask him about his recent comment about being okay with me straying. The approach I used was to ask if he was really serious about suggesting that. He told me that he was just kidding about it and we both confirmed that we hadn't strayed on each other. Rock has a twisted sense of humor. He told me the story of how once he told a co-worker that he'd get back to him after he returned from temple. The person thought he was really Jewish because of the matter of fact way he said it.

Another thing I noticed about Rock is that he's initially resistant to my suggestions but once he gets around the initial resistance and actually does it, he winds up enjoying himself and wanting to do it again. The first time I noticed this tendency was the time we went to Grand Lux. He was so opposed to the idea at first. He seemed opposed to everything in we were getting there, the restaurant, the theatre, the bar. But once we were on the train, he realized it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be and he enjoyed the restaurant immensely, even suggesting we go again and get the window seat. Of course we didn't do the original theatre and bar and you know what happened afterwards...but whatever.

It was the same thing when he came to visit me last weekend. There was this nice tapas restaurant not far from me that I thought would be a good place for Rock and I to go. Rock once again was resistant to the idea but he said since 'I seemed to talk about it so much', we could go. Rock's also picky when it comes to food. He doesn't like among other things fish (of any kind), nuts, and certain vegetables including mushrooms (which I love). So since tapas is about sharing dishes, I had to be careful with what I ordered. But we found enough things to order and he wound up enjoying himself. And as you guessed, he wants to go back again.

We later went to see a movie he wanted to see called Hot Fuzz. It wouldn't be my first choice but I was willing to compromise since the last movie we saw was one I was more into. I wound up enjoying the movie immensely. Then again I was a bit wired from all the drinking I did that night. No seriously, it was a funny movie. You should all check it out.

Rock's been going through a lot of family drama as well in recent weeks. Rock's always the one that's been there for his Mom and her three sisters. But one of his aunts was feuding with Rock over something seemingly petty. I don't really want to share the particulars but the feud has escalated and Rock's been upset because it's put his Mom in the middle of it. It's come to the point where Rock wants to totally disown his family minus his Mom.

The whole ordeal's been tough on him so I've been trying to cut him some slack in general. I know how tough dealing with family can be. I may have my own storms with family later in the year assuming I share certain details of my life.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fly Free Sanjaya!

I feel for poor Sanjaya.
Yeah yeah yeah! I went there. With all the big news breaking out....Imus's racist remarks while discussing the women's basketball team in Rutger's, the recent massacre at Virginia Tech (Eugene did his undergrad degree there and recognized one person being interviewed in one of the numerous coverage stories), and of course the continuing loss of life from the war in Iraq, I hone in on Sanjaya's recent boot on American Idol.

I didn't watch Idol Wednesday night instead having a standing appointment bowling. It was finals week and our team was playing for 1st place (again...well the new team I was on). We won. Woo hoo!

But back to Sanjaya. I will admit that he wasn't the best singer by a long shot. I think he knew it too. I imagine even though the contestants are all shielded from the public eye for the most part during the competition, Sanjaya had to catch wind of all the criticism he's been receiving. I know how hard it is for me to handle adversity so I couldn't imagine how a 17 year old was handling it.

Obviously American Idol is all about the almighty dollar. They clearly know that Sanjaya had no business even being in the top twelve. Yet the judges ultimately picked him. Correct me if I'm wrong on that because I usually don't follow Idol (and if I do, I follow it idly...heh) until it's down to the final 12. And then they bitch and moan (well mostly Simon...*LOL*) when he survived week after week and picked off the more talented singers. It's like if you don't think he's talented, why pick him in the first place?

American Idol does this on purpose for ratings. Even if Sanjaya's in on the joke, I imagine it must've been taxing on him. So I'm glad that he got voted off finally, not because of his lack of talent, but just for the sense of relief I'm sure he'll have. Funny thing, though. Sanjaya will do fine after this show. I'm sure he'll have a record deal when all's said and done.

Love him or hate him, he's definitely left an impression.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

D Day

Today was the day. The one I've alluded to a few times on my blog. The one where I said I would take steps needed to make a change in my life. It was my ten year anniversary at the job.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, even though my hopes were to announce my resignation from said job today, the stars haven't quite aligned the way I wanted them to. There's something comforting about knowing that you'll be getting a paycheck every two weeks. It's that conflict that I'm sure lots of folks face before taking the plunge to self-employment. I also have that fear of failure complex going on. I do know that the only way to succeed in life is to take risks and I was all set to do so but I'm not quite ready to break free. Plus I had made a promise to my long time co-worker/friend Deidre that we would combine our anniversary lunches together when we both hit ten years. Her anniversary date was two weeks before mine.

Funny thing, Deidre almost backed out of doing the lunch today of all days because she feared she couldn't invite everyone she wanted. I almost had an aneurysm. But after talking things through, she realized that she actually was able to cover all she wanted to be there. So it was on again.

The job itself has been giving me major stress as well. So much so that I was actually contemplating resigning last week. But I'm pressing on for now.

I'm actually proud of myself for making it ten years, especially the way the corporate environment is these days. But I think I may get over my fears real soon and make the move for greener pastures. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it happened end of this month.

Rock's coming over in another fifteen minutes. He has some exciting news regarding a volunteer opportunity that he's looking to do. He was actually an officer of a non-profit years back but mismanagement of the organization by some of the officers left a sour taste in his mouth. So the fact that he's excited again about volunteering is a big step for him.

I also want to talk to him about our relationship. Ahh..I think he's here. Let me end my blog here. Have a good weekend all.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Rock And A Hard Place

It started with a bag of missing edamame and ended up leading to more questions.

I arrived in Detroit around 3:30 PM last Saturday. I bought my folks some grapes, navel oranges, fava beans, and some edamame. When I went to Detroit two weekends earlier, I also bought most of the same items. The edamame proved to be a big hit for my Mom so I wanted to give her some extra bags of the stuff. I had 4 bags that I wanted to give her but was surprised to find only 3. I was dismayed but played it off to my Mom like I forgot to pack the extra one.

The night before I drove up to Rockford to spend time with Rock. We decided to order some dishes from Olive Garden to go. As soon as I arrived, he stepped outside and I drove us to his local Olive Garden to pick up our items. The parking lot was filled to capacity so I just idled while he went inside to pick up the order.

With the order in tow, we drove back to his place. He moved his Nissan outside so I could park my car inside his garage. He took inside the order along with the bag of edamame I had sitting in the back seat while I went to the trunk to retrieve the rest of my items. It took me a minute to pull out my remaining items, which included my overnight bags and the rest of the fruit and veggies. Rock eventually came back to the garage and retrieved the rest of the fruit and veggies.

The evening went pretty good. In between make out sessions, we caught snippets of Mo'nique's newest DVD I Coulda Been Your Cellmate Rock received from Netflix. It's a pretty funny and potty DVD, though some of her material I've heard before. I guess there's only so many topics one can cover in an act so there's bound to be some recycling. Or maybe I lost count on how many times Mo'Nique kept saying bitch among other obscenities, which she says she does cause it tastes good coming out of her mouth.

Hemingway we eventually went to bed. Rock wanted some but I wanted some sleep since I had a long commute in the morning. So after some interesting bedtime chatter, we eventually dozed off.

The truth is I really didn't think much of the bedtime chatter until I spoke to Eugene Sunday night. I made mention of the missing edamame and was questioning whether I packed it or not. I knew I did but I didn't want to mention it to Rock until I confirmed that I didn't lose it in my trunk. It was getting close to 11:30 Central time so I told Eugene that I'd call him back because I needed to chat with Rock.

I dialed Rock and he immediately picked up. He mentioned that it was good that I called because he was about to fall asleep. We talked about our Easter day (my parents and I did wind up going to Church...he kept a low profile that day) and then he bought up the missing edamame, saying that I forgot it along with my banana. (Pussycat Doll Moment: "Wait A Minute!") That took me for a loop. Rock was the one who packed my items in the fridge and handed them to me. I didn't think about looking to make sure they were all there. The banana in question was also with my edamame, which meant for the banana and the bag of edamame to not be there, they had to be separated. I didn't separate them so there you go.

After saying goodbye to Rock, I immediately dialed Eugene back and gave him the latest. I started thinking about our bedside conversation. Rock randomly asked me if in the time we've dated I've ever stepped out on him. I told him that I didn't (which is true...*LOL*) and he said that was good but he would've been okay with things even if I did. At the time we were spooning and the room was dark plus it was late so I didn't push the issue. When I mentioned this to Eugene, it turned up Eugene's imaginary antennas.

Eugene recalled a conversation I had with him a little over two months back where I mentioned a time when Rock told me he was ready to rumble with me over an nonexistant A4A account. The incident in question happened when he was over at my place. He wanted to check his email on that site real quick. Whenever I used to bring up that page, the username kept defaulting to an old account that I deleted. Rock saw this but at the time kept quiet. Later when he called, he asked me if I had another A4A account that I wanted to tell him about. I told him I didn't and he made mention of the ID that defaulted on the screen. I explained that it was an old ID and that I had deleted that particular one months back. He then mentioned that he was ready to rumble on the issue but kept himself in check. I was a bit surprised but just let it go.

Actually typing about that incident made me recall another incident, which ultimately led me to deleting my remaining A4A account. A little over a week after our second major fight he sent me a text message and included an old screename of mine in the message. The screenname was my original screenname on A4A. I replied to his greeting but ignored the mention of the screenname. In the meantime I was trying to recall whether I had mentioned that name or not to him. He called me and then began telling me that "a friend" of his discovered that I had recently opened another account. I was thrown for a loop. I had thought maybe someone saw my account on manhunt, which I upgraded for a seven day trial when I found out about Fobobo. I needed to upgrade in order to perform a search for his profile again. Thinking he was talking about that account (since I used the same screenname), I made mention of it. Rock knew nothing about that account and I seemed to be digging myself deeper in the hole.

Eventually he made mention that the account was on gayblackchat or something like that. He told me that I opened that account in recent days and he wondered if I was trying to find someone else. I was in shock and told him that I never heard of gayblackchat or whatever it was. I began to wonder if someone else was using my profile but he said the picture on there was mine. I came to the website and performed a search and came across the offending account. Rock thought I created the account in February 2007. It turned out I created (and forgot about) the account in February 2006. I sent Rock screenprints of the evidence and then proceeded to delete that account along with my remainig A4A account. At the time I couldn't delete the manhunt account since I had bought a seven day trial but I deleted all the profile content from it.

Rock felt bad afterwards when he found out the real deal and what I did afterwards. He and I used to roleplay with our accounts on A4A. But his behavior forced me to reevaluate having any accounts. Actually it's cool not being on A4A anymore and unlike my last attempt, I haven't gone back this time. At least not yet...*LOL*.

So back to the original issue at hand, which prompted this entry. Eugene felt like he was being contradictory when saying he would've been okay if I messed around. It didn't fit in with his past behavior where he was ready to cut me over an imaginary A4A and old forgotten BGC account. Is it possible for someone to change their stance so quickly?

He also wondered if maybe Rock was telling me it was okay because maybe he strayed himself. So in a way he was trying to justify his actions and wanted me to also say I would be okay with him straying, which I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be. I wouldn't be all Angela Bassett Waiting To Exhale on him but I know I would feel disappointed.

As Eugene was talking, I made mention to Eugene that I wondered if he asked because the weekend before I hung out with this guy I met on A4A about a month before I met Rock. This guy and I chatted on and off for a few months. It tapered for a while but a few weeks before we hung out and met for the first time, the chatting picked up again. We both found out that we enjoyed Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters so since he only lived about 25 minutes from me, I drove to his place and we watched both shows. I was pissy, though, because I thought it was a new episode of DH but it wound up being a clip show. I did call Rock on the way over there to tell him about it so he wouldn't be totally in the dark.

Rock and I spoke after that meeting and wanted to make sure I told the guy that I was seeing him. I reassured Rock that I did and we even talked about him a bit. Then he made a mention of maybe fixing the guy up with his friend. I didn't think nothing of it but Eugene cracked me up by saying that Rock was being clever. Mentioning the fixing up part Eugene thought may have been Rock's way of seeing whether anything really was going on between the guy and me.

In light of all this, would Rock really be okay if I did stray? I doubted it but I didn't call him on it at the time.

As for the edamame, Eugene and I concluded that probably Rock wanted it for himself. If that was the case, though, I would've been okay with giving it to him. This led to Eugene wondering if Rock sees me as a gullible person that believes everything he tells me. In other words, he figured I would believe him when I said I forgot it and take it at face value (which I guess I did by not calling him on it).

I suppose my propensity to be gullible at times is out there. I mean I've always had this naiveness about me, which sometimes I'm guilty of flame feeding. I think the fact that I don't call folks out on various things leads to me having that reputation. I do have the tendency to take things at face value which I know I always shouldn't. The only times I may not is if that person has lied in the past and even then I'll just nod and keep the knowledge that I know they're full of shit to myself.

Eugene and I concluded that the edamame thing is just something I'll need to file. It would do me no good to bring it up in the future as I can't prove that I didn't forget it or that he intentionally wanted it. But in regards to his statement about not minding if I messed around, it may be worthy of discussing further. We're supposed to be seeing each other Friday night so that would be as good of a time as any to mention it.

Rock and I are doing fine, though. This is just something that I can't just brush aside like I usually do.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday Double Oh 7

Well I'll keep this post sweet and simple.

I got off early from that place called work today. So now I'm home in the process of last minute packing. My theme this Easter is KISS. You know, Keep It Sweet and Simple. I'm only bringing a dress shirt w/tie and dress pants and shoes this year. Truth is I'm not sure if we're even going to Church this year. My parents aren't able to go as much as they used to, especially my Mom with her Parkinson's. It totally depends on whether her medicine kicks in or not.

Hemingway since I'm home early, I've also decided to drive up to Rockford tonight and spend time with my man (woooh...I'm finally getting used to saying that) Rock. I'm planning on staying the night and then driving to Detroit Saturday morning. It adds an extra hour and gas trip to my commute but it's the sacrifice you do in a relationship. Plus I really wanted to see Rock tonight. It's cool that he was okay with it since for once it's something I planned and it's totally last minute. Rock's not the most spontaneous guy.

So let me get back to packing and getting ready for my weekend. Happy Easter everyone.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1984 In 2007

Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

I'm just an average man with an average life
I work from nine to five, hey, hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone in my average home
But why do I always feel like I'm in the twilight zone

I always feel like somebody's watching me
And I Have No Privacy
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell Mi Is It Just A Dream

When I come home at night
I bolt the door real tight
People call me on the phone, I'm trying to avoid
But can the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid

When I'm in the shower I'm afraid to wash my hair
Cause I might open my eyes and find someone standing there
People say I'm crazy, just a little touched
But maybe showers remind me of Psycho too much
That's why...

I always feel like somebody's watching me
And I Have No Privacy
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Who's Playin' Trics On Me


I don't know anymore
Are the neighbors watching me
Well is the mailman watching me
And I don't feel safe anymore, oh what a mess
I wonder who's watching me now--- (BOOO!) -The IRS?

I always feel like somebody's watching me
And I Have No Privacy
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell Me Is It Just A Dream

I always feel like somebody's watching me
And I Have No Privacy
I always feel like somebody's watching me
I always feel like somebody's watching me

I always feel like somebody's watching me
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell Me This Can't Be

I always feel like somebody's watching me
I always feel like somebody's watching me
I always feel like somebody's watching me

I had the pleasure this week of having SLAB sitting directly across me all this week. The hard drive on his laptop crashed last Friday so he didn't have a PC to work with. It just so happened that Dan, who normally sits across from me decided to take a training class till Wednesday. So lucky me, I got the pleasure of having SLAB near me. For the most part, aside from the barrage of visitors, which actually Dan has a lot of those too, it wasn't bad. But I always got the feeling that SLAB could turn around to bug me at inopportune times (which he usually does). Those times include when I'm surfing the net. So I wasn't feeling really comfortable and I actually was forced to do more work. Imagine that!

There's nothing like Big Brother watching your back. SLAB is cool for the most part, though he's very high strung. I can usually take him in small doses so it was a bit challenging knowing he was nearby. Plus I didn't want to get into work too late in case he was there. Not to mention I didn't want to leave too early or take too long of a lunch.

Thank goodness Dan's back tomorrow. It'll be semi back to normal. (Run-on sentence warning. Run-on sentence warning.) I only have to worry about my neighbors watching my coming and going & wondering if Rock's my boyfriend & if I'm gay & if Charles decides he has an emergency and wants to move in for a week instead of the month or two he originally was asking & if Charles, Rock, and I are in a menage-a-trois. *LOL*.

I haven't talked about bowling in a minute. The one team I was on in my old league no longer had a need for me. I thought I was done for the season until an old rival team from my newer league found out that my team had disbanded. I was immediately recruited and for the most part I've been going every Wednesday.

I haven't been as into it since I'm not the captain. But my current average is 165 and our team currently is in first place going into the final weeks. Last Wednesday I actually picked up a 6-7-10 split, so that was exciting. Plus it was much needed since that wound up being the difference in picking up series that week. I'm having a lot more fun this time. I guess it's a little easier since I'm not captain.

In other work news, my ten year anniversary is coming up next week. I know I've said before that upon hitting my anniversary that I would send in my two week notice. Unfortunately a couple things have happened that isn't allowing me to make leaving a reality just yet.

First I don't have the financial cushion that I wanted to have. My goal was to have at least a year's worth of salary saved up that I could live off. I only have two months at most. I'm still waiting for one of my stocks to give me the big break. Isn't it crazy how these stocks don't work on my schedule? *LOL*.

Second there's the issue of the anniversary lunch. It's a right of passage to have the company pay for you and a set number of people depending on your years of service if it's a milestone year. Ten years is a milestone. I'm merging my lunch with Deidre and Witty. We've scheduled it for late April. Having the lunch will get it off peoples' radar as it's always the talk of my co-workers when I'm having it. The hilarious thing I even have one desperately trying to crash my lunch. Crazy.

Third we're losing a key person on the team in May and I don't want to leave the team in a lurch. This one, yeah, it shouldn't matter as much. I mean it's either you or them since nobody theoretically should be staying in a position forever. But unfortunately this project that I'm on is really starting to take off and I'm getting an inexperienced person as a replacement. Call me crazy but I still have a heart. Actually had my tenth been last year, it would've been so much easier, project wise, for me to leave.

If I do leave, though, May is definitely the time to do it, third reason aside. Serious coding begins in June and July and then it would really be a rough time to leave. Or easy depending how you look at it...*LOL*.

One thing, though, if that day ever comes, I have to come up with some excuse as to why I'm leaving and what's next on the horizon. People always want to know that stuff. But I don't want to tell them that I'm leaving to go daytrading. It's hard enough convincing those close to me that I want to do this without thinking I'm crazy. I don't need to hear it from well meaning co-workers. I have a couple angles that I'm working on, though. We'll see.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Two Years Later

Today's my two year anniversary from when I first started blogging. It just amazes me that two years and 254 posts (including this one) later, that I'm still here.

It's been such a fun ride. It's also interesting looking at some of my past posts. What's nice is that my blog will be around for a while (barring a server explosion or a hacker gone mad) and maybe one day future generations can read about my trials and turbulations. I'm also imagining myself at 50 years old looking back at my writings and cringing, much like I did looking back on my old diary entries from high school and college.

The inspiration behind half my blog name is long gone. As everyone who have read my blog from the beginning knows, I was a big fan of the show Half & Half. I mean I even made a couple trips to L.A. just to see the show. The show was sadly cancelled when UPN and WB merged last fall.

I was actually contemplating writing some scripts for what Season 5 would've been like. Would Mona and Chase (you know she would've chosen him) still be together? What other obstacles could they be facing along the way? How about LDD and her work antics? Would she still be working as a sports agent or would she make the move to finding a law firm to work for? How would my favorite divas Phyllis, BDD, and Adam fare out Season 5? Of course, I can't forget Spencer. Or could I? *LOL*.

Hemingway blogging has given me the opportunity to interact with many other bloggers on here. It's cool reading everyone else's trials and turbulations. Also it's nice getting different perspectives on what I'm currently going through. I look forward to continuing this journey. I still have a lot of life to live and plenty of typing to give. Okay I know that line was corny but that's how I feel. PEACE!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

All In The Signs

I was looking through an interesting Astrological website killing time before working out. I don't put 100% stock in astrology but at times I can see little pieces of truth in what the signs say. My particular interest stemmed from a Saturady morning bedside conversation with Rock talking about our signs. I inadvertently thought he was a Sagittarius instead of the Scorpio that he is.

We hung out Friday night and he stayed until Saturday morning. Earlier in the week, Rock was in the funkiest of moods. His excuse was that he had a lot going on with his family that was about to hit the fan. He was not talkative at all and in fact was quite hypersensitive. We had made the plans for Friday night about a week and a half before his funky state so I wasn't sure if we were still on or not. I was all set to make other plans but decided despite his behavior earlier in the week to see him when he asked for a confirmation last Thursday. We have this semi long distance thing going on and it had been two weeks since we last saw each other and I knew we wouldn't be seeing each other next weekend since I was going to Detroit again.

He came Friday night baring a gift of black jeans. They were a bit tight but wearable so I wore them to Red Lobster. (Remember when Red Lobster used to be good? *LOL*) So after Red Lobster, we came back to my place. We chilled out, got horny, and you know the rest. Considering Rock's behavior earlier in the week, I probably shouldn't have broken him off anything (session #2...we had our first time in early March). But I was horny plus Rock reassured a few times that he wasn't meeting me just for sex (though he wouldn't stop it...*LOL*). So what's done was done. And it was done again Saturday morning before he took off to see his family.

Okay...back to the website. Right?

So anyway the website above had some pretty detailed (for a free site) stuff out there. For example, there's more to the zodiac than just when you're born. Apparently your temperment and general outlook in life depends on where your planets were aligned the day you were born.

The site has a handy guide that tells you based on your birthdate tells you which zodiac the planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter aligned. For my birthdate, the planets were aligned as followed:

Venus was in Virgo. Mars was in Libra. Jupiter was in Capricorn.

From there, you can read individual profiles based on your alignment.

For Rock's birthate, the planets were aligned as followed:

Venus was in Sagittarius. Mars was in Virgo. Jupiter was in Virgo.

Venus is said to be used to represent love. Also compatibilities with others is dependent on where their Venus is in relation to yours. A link talking about my Venus in Virgo & Rock's Venus in Sagittarius is provided here and here.

Mars is said to reveal what makes us tick. It shows how we channel our aggressiveness, sexuality, and general drive. Interpretations for each of the Mars signs is provided in this link.

Jupiter is said to reveal how we express our generosity and tolerance. It shows how we go about trusting others and improving our lives. Interpretations of what Jupiter means in relation to the zodiac sign is provided in this link.

A lot of what was said was very interesting. What resonated as totally true was the depiction of my Mars In Libra. It really hit home when it mentioned how I procrastinate over things and see all possibilities before taking action. My recent Charles dilemma best illustrated this.

You know I was trying to compare Rock and my signs to see if we're a match made in heaven. So are we? It's hard to say since there seems to be many variables involved that I haven't looked into. But no matter how compatible we are, ultimately any relationship takes lots of work. If nothing else, the website provided some very good reading.

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