Thursday, August 18, 2005

Off To The D...With A Bang!

Detroit, that is. I'm heading down there Friday (by car) for a work related conference at the RenCen, which I learned from "Eugene" isn't called the Rennaisance Center anymore. Sad that I'm from Detroit and I didn't know that fact. Hemingway, it'll always be the RenCen to me...:-)

After work tonight, I went bowling with my co-worker and bowling pro "Reid". They were having a 50 cent special per game. We bowled ten games each. My highest was a 216 and my lowest was a 122. Interestingly my last game was a 209. Ironically Reid's highest game was a mere 194. Sadly he still beat me in total pins due to a couple of real bad games I had. But it was all fun.

Actually I was also e-vited to bowl Tuesday night from a dude named "Vince". For once, I have a real juicy tale behind this. Yes, readers, you're finally getting the confirmation of what many here have already known. I'm gay. And no, my family doesn't know, though I'm sure they suspect. I live a double life at work as well, even though I'm sure rumors are floating around, especially since I've been in the same job for over 8 years now. Plus I found out another co-worker there I know is gay. But that's another story. And no, he's not my type...*LOL*. Let's get back to Vince.

Get some popcorn. It's a doozy.

I first laid eyes on this tall, attractive piece of chocolate (I feel liberated already...*LOL*) via Adam4Adam around mid-May. I had to email him a couple times before he finally gave me some attention. (Yeah...pathetic, huh?) He described himself as 6"2/215 lbs., muscular build. So ff'ing just a bit here, we chatted and we originally arranged to meet for an evening of bowling Saturday night and exchanged numbers. Unfortunately I had a conflict come up so I wound up cancelling on him. He was cool about it.

Next day I called Vince and asked him if he was available to bowl Sunday afternoon. He was. We agreed to meet at a alley (that sounds so dirty) mid-point between our homes. As I near what I thought was the alley, I get a call from Vince saying that the alley wasn't where they said it was. We decided to meet at a gas station near that spot.

First impression. I drove up and saw Vince sitting in a newer model burgundy Ford Taurus. I thought he looked pretty hot, even though he dressed very understated in a white t-shirt & jeans. We both got out of our vehicles and I may have been fawning a bit over him. I think I even acted a bit blonde (no offense meant to my blonde readers). He had gotten real directions to the alley from someone working there and basically he was going over them with me. I was so mesmerized he had to repeat them to me.

I half listened, even though I was able to recite it back to him. I figured I'd be following him anyway. That would be the wrong answer. Can you believe he didn't want me to follow him? I think he may have made some excuse about taking off and disregarding people that follow him. My tiny brain thought he was joking but he was serious. He basically got back to his car (we were standing closer to his car) and took off before I even got to my car. (Guess that should've been a warning, huh?)

I remember thinking, 'I know he didn't just take off without waiting'. I even thought about not going to the alley and doing something else. But did I mention he looked hot. Heh.

So I started my car and started my trip to the alley. Being dim about the directions didn't pay off since I wound up stuck at a light staying on a left lane where the majority of folks were making a left turn instead of hopping to the faster right lane. So after wasting 10 minutes there, I drove until I reached the half-way point. I get a phone call from Vince saying he's there (well duh, he took off before I had a chance to even start my car, of course he got there before I did) I wound up getting lost a bit so he had to guide me to the alley again.

I get there and I'm slightly pissed. But his smile kinda took that feeling away. He looked surprised when I went towards my trunk & pulled out my bowling bag. I remember saying to him, yeah you pissed me off so now it's game on.

Long story short. I beat him all 4 of the games we played. I told him about my record high game of 238 and wound up bowling a 224 our first game. I was all over the board the next couple games but managed to stay ahead of him. His highest may have been a 110-something.

Nothing really bad happened during the afternoon date. Honestly I think we both enjoyed ourselves. We even stayed and played 4 games of pool afterward, which he beat me at mercilessly.

Towards the end of our 4 1/2 hour date, we walked back to our respective cars. I got the impression that he wanted to hang out with me again & I most definitely wanted to hang out again. We promised to keep in touch and set something up.

A little more background...after that date, I remember immediately calling my friend "Eugene" and telling him all about it. Basically I was saying despite the one flag that things went real well. I remember saying I wouldn't mind giving some to Vince. (See what one little blog reveal leads to...*LOL*) Eugene then asked me if I would want to be friends with Vince a year from that date. I told him most definitely yes. So to summarize, he said don't be so quick to jump in the sack since that tends to end things, due to the awkwardness afterwards. Which is so true. Plus he was annoyed with the fawning I did over Vince. I think I offered to give him my spare bowling ball for free & even bought him some iced tea. Eugene asked jokingly if I wiped the sweat off his brow. But I got his point.

So I vowed to try and develop a friendship with Vince.

I called him two weeks later and we set up another Sunday date.

I'm gonna pull a Bernard and end it right here. I'll tell the rest of the tale and the subsequent events after that another time. I'll try to finish it before my trip to Detroit Friday.



Blogger HOLIDAY N said...

Well Well Well I knew there was a reason I liked you lol.I never asked you but I wondered...ooooh the plot thickens.Y'know I'm waiting to hear the rest...

1:40 PM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger E said...

Heh. Now you know why we got along..:-)

10:41 PM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger lady in satin said...

Wow...I'm so glad to see a fellow Michiganian on the blog scene! I was born and raised in Michigan, lived there the first 12 years of my life before moving to North Carolina, then Maryland. I have family all over the Detro metro area. I lived in Ypsilanti...not sure if you have heard of it, but its a straight shot down 94 westbound from Detroit. I've also lived in Pontiac, 75 northbound from Detroit, and Milan, which is a small country town 20 minutes south of Ypsilanti. If you don't mind me asking, where do you live now? Are you still in Michigan? What part of Detroit are you from?

Now I know that we have something in common...we both like men!!! But there must be a specific reason why you are still "trapped in the closet" (as R. Kelly so eloquently phrased it). Why wouldn't you want your family to know, or do you think like I do, and feel that who you sleep with is none of their business? I can understand you not discussing your sexuality at work, because there is no need for it there.

Ook...I'm probably typing too =)

7:32 PM, August 20, 2005  
Blogger E said...

No lady in satin, you're typing just enough...:-) Ironically I lived in Maryland (Beltsville) myself for a year and a half before moving to Chicago, my current home. I know exactly all the cities you've listed, well except Milan.

So why am I 'trapped in the closet'? I think fear of rejecting me has kept me from saying anything, especially to my parents. Years ago my Mom said she would be disappointed if one of her children turned out gay. I do realize that you have to live your life for you and not care what anyone thinks, even your parents, especially when living on your own. But that stuck inside me and I love my Mom too much to lose her love. Funny thing, I think my sisters know. I'm sure the two have discussed it among themselves.

I am pretty private as well. I mean it took me five months (and a juicy story) to reveal it in my personal blog...:-)

12:57 AM, August 22, 2005  
Blogger Marz said...

I was wondering when you were going to actually state you liked men. (LOL) I remember when I started out, I was just saying random things about boys. And then one day I just said it. (But no one was reading then....but still.)


9:58 PM, February 18, 2006  

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