Friday, April 02, 2010

Cruised Or Profiled 2

First marks the fifth anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. My parents actually have a marriage certificate hanging in their bedroom with his likeness giving official blessings. nobody thought I'd be talking about the pope with the title entry being what it is.

In addition today is also the fifth anniversary of Half & Half, Tit & Tat. I can't believe it's been five years since I've first penned my first post(funny how I keep referring to that first post every anniversary...*LOL*). I'll admit that in the last two years I haven't blogged with the frequency that I had in the beginning. I guess like all relationships you have to work to keep the spice alive. I'm not giving up on blogging just yet. Although I hit a record low last month with only one entry for March 2010. Bad bad bad....*LOL*.

So last night after a late night booty call, I made a late night pit stop to a local grocer. It was the end of another uneventful April Fools Day. I was surprised actually Eugene didn't play a joke on me with his whimiscal self.

Hemingway I was making my way to the store and I saw out of my side eye this studly white guy making his way to the grocer as well. I smiled to myself as I entered the store. Yesterday was really nice and it actually hit the upper 70's (possibly low 80's) in Chicago. So I was sporting my Polo Chino shorts with a form fitting t-shirt and some flip flops. I thought I was the cat's meow.

Apparently so did he.

Next thing I know, I felt like I was having a repeat of my "Cruised Or Profiled" moment from years back, ironically on the 1st of the month as well. Hmm.

Hemingway I grabbed a basket and he slowly walked by me. I didn't notice any eye contact but I got my first full frontal look at him and damn he was hot. So he started walking past the produce section as I detoured into the produce. I kept a steady eye on him as he slowly walked down the far aisle.

As I finished perusing the produce and the bakery section, I made my way towards the freezer section. I was stunned to see him just standing by the corner of the freezer aisle, seemingly just staring into open space.

I smiled to myself as I walked past him and continued my shopping. I crossed over to the wine section and came back out to the rear aisle. I ran into him again and noticed he had no items in his hand. Hmm.

By the third run in I was thinking damn, am I really being cruised? I admit I wanted to say something to him but every thought I had sounded stupid. 'Do you have the time?' ( was almost midnight.) 'Nice weather we're having.' (And?) Hmm...maybe I should've used the classic 'Can I blow the hair from your eyes?' Where did I hear that line before? Probably some trite movie I've long forgotten. I guess the loose translation would be offering him a blowjob.

But you know I did none of those things. Eventually I went off to pay for my items and the rest you can say is history. Needless to say it did give my ego a nice boost.

Who knows? Maybe by the time "Cruised Or Profiled 3" comes along, I'll have a happier ending. Though technically I had one earlier that night so I was good to go....*LOL*.

Back to work...:-)

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