Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where I've Been?

Continuing my map theme, I actually found this cool website where you can highlight every state you've been in. In doing so, I realize I've already been in over half of the 50 states of the US.

visited 26 states (52%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or Like this? try: Google Chat Bot

To chart your own course, go to the Visited Countries webpage. They also have a world map. Hopefully someday I can fill that up...:-)


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Arrows On A Map

My 37th birthday is in a few months and typically since I'm still working at the place I was supposed to escape years ago (but we won't talk about that), I usually take my birthday week off to travel.

Last year of course I traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii.    That was a total blast aside from the head cold I had to endure on my flights.   I swear the last half hour of landing were the most excruciating.   If I were a baby, I'd be crying my head off.    And Norris aside from the regular 15 minute rainouts and a nasty burger I had, the rest of my trip was much better.   I can't believe I didn't blog about the rest of it.

2007 now that I think about it, I didn't go anywhere for my birthday.  I was seeing Rock of course and I remember that month being particularly rocky.  

2006 was the year I found myself going to Raliegh, NC to be a wallflower followed by a few days in Vegas with an associate I no longer speak to.  (Gosh maybe looking at my past trips wasn't such a good idea...*LOL*)

In 2005 I flew to Seattle.   That was a funny trip especially my time spent with Jerome.   It was  a blast overall I remember, especially at Muckleshoot Casino.    Chaka-chaka-chaka Khan.

I honestly don't remember what I did in 2004.   That might've been a stay home year too.   I do know I flew to Denver at some point in 2004 for a silly rendevous but I don't think it was my birthday weekend.

In 2003 I flew to Vegas for my birthday.    That was my first trip to Vegas and that was definitely a nice time.    I met a guy and his partner for half a day while I was there and spent the rest of my time going up and down the strip.

So where am I thinking of going this year?   I have several possibilities:

Albuquerque, New Mexico -  At first I'm like what the hell can you do there.   Rock actually suggested that as our possible first trip when we were together.    We wound going to New York, of course and having a wonderful time.    Honestly I can't recall what they're famous for.   I remember seeing they had some annual hot air balloon event, which will pass by the time I visit, if that's where I go.    Every city has something famous, right?    I'll find out.   But it would be a totally different adventure to go there.

New Orleans, Louisiana  -  I believe if I go there around my birthday, the area will still be in Hurricane season.     But I've always wanted to go there and felt bad that I didn't prior to Katrina.     But Eugene went this year for a conference and had a blast singing karaoke at some bar on Bourbon street.    And you know I wound up finally going to Honolulu due to Eugene's going.    I'd love to try some authentic cajun food and it'll be interesting to see the area post-Katrina.

Phoenix, Arizona  -   This was another place that I've always wanted to visit.   All the folks that I've talked to said that Phoenix is boring.   But for some reason I want to see it for myself.   There was a guy that used to follow my blog (not sure if he still does since I've fallen and gotten back up only to have to fallen again and again multiple times...*LOL*) that moved there a year or so back.    If I do decide on Phoenix, I may have to look him up.

Las Vegas, Nevada -  Yeah I've been there twice before but there's something about the "sin city" that is such a draw.   And maybe this time I could step away from the sin and check out the  Grand Canyon.

Altanta, GA -  I've been to Atlanta before a couple times as well.    One of my old college friends that I came out to recently lives there and if I recall, his birthday is also sometime in October.   It'd be cool to visit him and also hang out with Norris.

Decisions.   Decisions.   Maybe I should think international maybe Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.   I guess Canada's on the brain.     There's time to decide.

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