Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ain't That The Truth Ruth

I used to love this song growing up. This came out before I had money to buy albums. I never knew who sang Automatic but always assumed it was a man with women background singers. Imagine my surprise when looking up the song on YouTube and aside from finding the sexy Ultra Nate's version of it (and who is that dude...I want him in my room...*LOL*), I discover the original artists are none other than the Pointer Sisters. That really took me for a loop. I had no idea Ruth could sing that low.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yeah I Know...

....I'm alive. Yes. Just haven't been much in the mood to blog. But I found an interesting blog featuring photos of various passengers on the C.T.A. I'm going through the blog right now curious if I've ever been caught by this blogger. Hopefully as a dapper fashion plate and not a fashion don't. Wow.

Quickie news.

My younger sis Trina recently got engaged on her last birthday. Her fiance proposed to her on the job. They both work for the same company. She texted me and showed me the ring. It was a nice ring, nothing too garish which is good.

My Mom tripped over a chair in the house and broke her nose and cut her lip. She was bleeding profusely but luckily was able to get Trina and my Dad to take her to emergency. It was quite a scare, especially for me since I'm over 300 miles away and can't do much. But she pulled through and everything's okay.

Eugene actually is dating someone. I'm hoping he doesn't drive the guy away with his rigid rules and can't wait to fly down and meet him, assuming all goes well. In the forefront, a straight postal worker who is a close friend of his may be soon going through a divorce and Eugene suspects he may be bi-curious. Interesting.

Sally is still in the market looking for an IT job. She's had an interview last with Northwestern University for a position and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes through for her.

There's more but I need to get myself back in the groove for the 500th time. See ya around. :-)

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