Monday, October 27, 2008

Aloha Oahu, Aloha Chicago

Sigh...I'm back in Chicago and as of today, back on the job. I want to give a blow by blow detail of my trip to Hawaii but am not feeling up to typing anything right now. I promise to share soon, though.

In other news...
I feel so bad for Jennifer Hudson's family. According to some reports, it's speculated that they found her seven year old nephew shot in the back seat of an SUV. Truly sad.

And apparently there was a plot by some skinheads to kill up to 88 blacks and ultimately an attempt would be made on Obama's life. What a twisted world we live in. There's so many nutjobs around. It's stories like these that make me question having kids of my own (aside from the special hurdles I'd have to go through to have one). Crazy.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Your Birthday

I officially turn 36 today. Yay! I'm also off from work today but it's no rest for the weary. Today I need to prep for my upcoming Hawaii trip. I have to run a few errands today, including stopping at the post office and buying a couple last minute knick knacks. I need to pay a few bills before I leave too so I don't get any nasty threats to cut off service while I'm on vacation. I also need to get some laundry done today and most importantly, keep my latest attempt at getting a cold at bay. Can you believe that? It's like the universe is conspiring against me. But gosh darn it (Hi Sarah Palin.) I'm going to fight this attack because I'll be damned if I get sick during my vacation.

The nicest thing about this vacation is that I don't have to worry about work for at least a week. I tried to extend my time off until the 29th, but that caused a stink by the business, so I had to cut it short a few days. Bastards. But I plan on enjoying my week not logging in or thinking about work. Who knows? Maybe all the issues will magically go away by the time I get back. Yeah right...:-)

Hemingway Rock and I met at a half-way point last night to have dinner. It was the same area we met last year around that time. We were even going to meet at AppleBee's but I decided to change it to Lone Star. So other than a minor quibble over time of meeting, the dinner went well. I had a combo 6oz sirloin with salmon, which wasn't half bad. Later after dinner we hung out in his car and he gave me the movies Saw and Saw IV, since I'm a big horror movie buff.

As we sat in the car, I couldn't help but think of my upcoming trip and wish Rock was able to go along. Unfortunately circumstances with his job and cash prevented him from going. But he told me that he wanted to spend more time with me, which would be a good thing since after almost two years together (our anniversary arrives next month), we still don't hang out nearly enough. We're nowhere close to even contemplating moving in with each other. To tell you the truth, there have been times I wanted to end things since it doesn't feel like we're progressing. And I've given up trying to encourage more time together. So I'd like to hope that Rock's wanting us to spend more time together wasn't just lip service.

So Hemingway let me get ready for my trip. Hawaii, here I come!

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