Thursday, March 30, 2006

At Witty's End

Witty worked my last nerve a couple times this week. You'll remember he was a bit player in my blog entry about Lucky's situation. Normally I'm cool with Witty but he has this annoying habit of dragging me into the middle of conversations that I'm not involved in.

Here's the typical scenario. He'll come over and talk to Dan about some project. Sometimes SLAB will come in Dan's cube too and the three of them will go at it. Since I'm across from them, I'm hearing all the blabbering, though I'm usually focused on my own work and not really honing in on the specifics of their conversation.

Witty has this habit of promising the world to his business users. So Hemingway he'll say something related to a given project. More chatter that I'm trying to drown out will continue. Then he'll loudly say, 'Isn't that right, E?'

And I'm like WTF? Does he figure because they have loud ass conversations that I'm listening intently to every word? I guess I should just say 'Yeah that's right'. But I don't want to commit myself to something I wasn't privy to, especially since he always promises the world.

Plus I'm tired of being dragged into conversations that I don't want to be dragged into. Unfortunately my seating situation lends me to being dragged sometimes.

Un-Witty also will ask me how things are going on projects he's working on. I have to kindly remind him that I only consulted on the project. He'll do this in front of SLAB too.

Maybe I need to learn to play the game more. Become a 'yes-man' more. It's not like anyone would remember what was said anyway. It's all about the posturing sometimes.

I guess I should mellow out and go with the flow.

Wish me luck today. Tonight's my bowling night and it's the critical week before finals for the 2nd half. We need to win at least two games, preferably all three, if we want any shot of winning 2nd half.


Blogger jameil1922 said...

just throw the blank look. that would be fun for me. then you can write about how they kept looking at you waiting for a response and you looked back at them waiting for them to move on and the waiting and waiting. it would be hilarious! lololol

12:01 PM, March 30, 2006  
Blogger taylorSiluw√© ..... said...

I like the yes man approach better. It's what I do. Whatever they say, the answer is some variation of 'yes'.

Isn't the sky pink and purple?


Are you running in the marathon this year?


It soooo saves time and energy having to actually listen. And the added benefit, they eventually catch on and leave you the fuck alone.

2:56 PM, March 30, 2006  

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