Sunday, April 01, 2007

All In The Signs

I was looking through an interesting Astrological website killing time before working out. I don't put 100% stock in astrology but at times I can see little pieces of truth in what the signs say. My particular interest stemmed from a Saturady morning bedside conversation with Rock talking about our signs. I inadvertently thought he was a Sagittarius instead of the Scorpio that he is.

We hung out Friday night and he stayed until Saturday morning. Earlier in the week, Rock was in the funkiest of moods. His excuse was that he had a lot going on with his family that was about to hit the fan. He was not talkative at all and in fact was quite hypersensitive. We had made the plans for Friday night about a week and a half before his funky state so I wasn't sure if we were still on or not. I was all set to make other plans but decided despite his behavior earlier in the week to see him when he asked for a confirmation last Thursday. We have this semi long distance thing going on and it had been two weeks since we last saw each other and I knew we wouldn't be seeing each other next weekend since I was going to Detroit again.

He came Friday night baring a gift of black jeans. They were a bit tight but wearable so I wore them to Red Lobster. (Remember when Red Lobster used to be good? *LOL*) So after Red Lobster, we came back to my place. We chilled out, got horny, and you know the rest. Considering Rock's behavior earlier in the week, I probably shouldn't have broken him off anything (session #2...we had our first time in early March). But I was horny plus Rock reassured a few times that he wasn't meeting me just for sex (though he wouldn't stop it...*LOL*). So what's done was done. And it was done again Saturday morning before he took off to see his family.

Okay...back to the website. Right?

So anyway the website above had some pretty detailed (for a free site) stuff out there. For example, there's more to the zodiac than just when you're born. Apparently your temperment and general outlook in life depends on where your planets were aligned the day you were born.

The site has a handy guide that tells you based on your birthdate tells you which zodiac the planets Venus, Mars, and Jupiter aligned. For my birthdate, the planets were aligned as followed:

Venus was in Virgo. Mars was in Libra. Jupiter was in Capricorn.

From there, you can read individual profiles based on your alignment.

For Rock's birthate, the planets were aligned as followed:

Venus was in Sagittarius. Mars was in Virgo. Jupiter was in Virgo.

Venus is said to be used to represent love. Also compatibilities with others is dependent on where their Venus is in relation to yours. A link talking about my Venus in Virgo & Rock's Venus in Sagittarius is provided here and here.

Mars is said to reveal what makes us tick. It shows how we channel our aggressiveness, sexuality, and general drive. Interpretations for each of the Mars signs is provided in this link.

Jupiter is said to reveal how we express our generosity and tolerance. It shows how we go about trusting others and improving our lives. Interpretations of what Jupiter means in relation to the zodiac sign is provided in this link.

A lot of what was said was very interesting. What resonated as totally true was the depiction of my Mars In Libra. It really hit home when it mentioned how I procrastinate over things and see all possibilities before taking action. My recent Charles dilemma best illustrated this.

You know I was trying to compare Rock and my signs to see if we're a match made in heaven. So are we? It's hard to say since there seems to be many variables involved that I haven't looked into. But no matter how compatible we are, ultimately any relationship takes lots of work. If nothing else, the website provided some very good reading.

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I don't really do signs either but I may check that out...

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