Thursday, April 26, 2007

Power Comcrapstic

My Comcast connection has been down for several days this week with only a brief reprieve late Monday night. I've been annoyed with Comcast in the past and it seems to only be on the rise. My theory is that Comcast has too many customers and not enough bandwidth to handle it all. My first three years with Comcast internet I never had any issues but they were new to my area. I was probably one of the first customers to sign up soon as they were available. I have an appointment Saturday but I'm thinking of cancelling it because I'm sure they'll find no issues and then they'll want to charge me for the visit.

Right now I'm thinking of switching to AT&T. The company's smart, though. They want you to switch phone service to them first before even considering using their Internet service. But I have been looking to switch phone service too and have been reluctant to give it to Comcast. So maybe it's not such a bad idea.

Also I finally did get a laptop. I know the majority of the comments were singing the praises of IBM's Thinkpad. Unfortunately the one that I wanted was way over my budget. So I wound up getting a Toshiba laptop from BestBuy. I went through the trouble too of buying a wireless router but then when I turned on the wireless switch, I noticed there were several connections I could make (only one of which was secure). I was a little hesistant to connect, though. I keep hearing stories about security and/or lack of it and feared getting some kind of virus. The one secure one had a name 2WIRE88 or something like that. I need to read up more on it and see what steps I can do to make things more secure for me should I pursue that option.

With the way my Comcast connection's been behaving lately, I'm desperate. The Internet's like a drug and it's hard being away from it for any period of time.

Hemingway in other news, Rock and I are doing good still (it'll be six months in a couple weeks...which is like being together almost 5 years in gay terms...*LOL*). I got a chance to ask him about his recent comment about being okay with me straying. The approach I used was to ask if he was really serious about suggesting that. He told me that he was just kidding about it and we both confirmed that we hadn't strayed on each other. Rock has a twisted sense of humor. He told me the story of how once he told a co-worker that he'd get back to him after he returned from temple. The person thought he was really Jewish because of the matter of fact way he said it.

Another thing I noticed about Rock is that he's initially resistant to my suggestions but once he gets around the initial resistance and actually does it, he winds up enjoying himself and wanting to do it again. The first time I noticed this tendency was the time we went to Grand Lux. He was so opposed to the idea at first. He seemed opposed to everything in we were getting there, the restaurant, the theatre, the bar. But once we were on the train, he realized it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be and he enjoyed the restaurant immensely, even suggesting we go again and get the window seat. Of course we didn't do the original theatre and bar and you know what happened afterwards...but whatever.

It was the same thing when he came to visit me last weekend. There was this nice tapas restaurant not far from me that I thought would be a good place for Rock and I to go. Rock once again was resistant to the idea but he said since 'I seemed to talk about it so much', we could go. Rock's also picky when it comes to food. He doesn't like among other things fish (of any kind), nuts, and certain vegetables including mushrooms (which I love). So since tapas is about sharing dishes, I had to be careful with what I ordered. But we found enough things to order and he wound up enjoying himself. And as you guessed, he wants to go back again.

We later went to see a movie he wanted to see called Hot Fuzz. It wouldn't be my first choice but I was willing to compromise since the last movie we saw was one I was more into. I wound up enjoying the movie immensely. Then again I was a bit wired from all the drinking I did that night. No seriously, it was a funny movie. You should all check it out.

Rock's been going through a lot of family drama as well in recent weeks. Rock's always the one that's been there for his Mom and her three sisters. But one of his aunts was feuding with Rock over something seemingly petty. I don't really want to share the particulars but the feud has escalated and Rock's been upset because it's put his Mom in the middle of it. It's come to the point where Rock wants to totally disown his family minus his Mom.

The whole ordeal's been tough on him so I've been trying to cut him some slack in general. I know how tough dealing with family can be. I may have my own storms with family later in the year assuming I share certain details of my life.

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Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

well I'm glad you guys are surviving!!!! good luck to him with his issues with his fam.. and that too shall pass...

now Umm I need to know that when I come to Chi Town that he won't wantto fight me cause I want to hang out with you :) LOL

12:54 PM, April 26, 2007  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

Comcast has been fine for me over the last 6 months. Sorry that you are having trouble.

But I am glad that you and Rock are learning more about each other. That's what dating is all about.

1:28 PM, April 29, 2007  
Blogger Rose said...

Six months: that is a great start...

12:19 AM, May 06, 2007  

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