Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm That Type Of Guy

I'm That Type Of Guy - L.L. Cool J

You're the type of guy that can't control your girl
You try to buy her love with diamonds and pearls
I'm the type of guy that shows up on the scene
And gets the seven digits, you know the routine
You're the type of guy that tells her, "Stay inside"
While you're steady frontin in your homeboy's ride
I'm the type of guy that comes when you leave
I'm doin your girlfriend, that's somethin you can't believe
Cause I'm that type of guy

You're the type of guy that gets suspicious
I'm the type of guy that says, "The puddin is delicious"
You're the type of guy that has no idea
That a sneaky, freaky brother's sneakin in from the rear
I'm the type of guy to eat it, when he won't
And look in the places that your boyfriend don't
You're the type of guy to try to call me a punk
Now knowin that your main girl's bitin my chunk
I'm the type of guy that loves a dedicated lady
Their boyfriends are borin, and I can drive em crazy
You're the type of guy to give her money to shop
She gave me a sweater _kiss_ thank you, sweetheart
I'm that type of guy

I'm the type of guy that picks her up from work early
Takes her to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast
You're the type of guy eatin a tv dinner
Talkin about... "Goddamn it, I'ma kill her"
I'm the type of guy to make her say, "Why you're illin, Bee?"
...You're the type of guy to say, "My lower back is killin me"
...Catch my drift?
You're the type of guy that likes to drink Olde English
I'm the type of guy to cold put on a pamper
You're the type of guy to say, "What you talkin bout?"
I'm the type of guy to leave my drawers in your hamper
I'm that type of guy

I'm that type of guy
You know what I mean?
Check it out...

T-y-p-e g-u-y
I'm that type of guy to give you a pound and wink my eye
Like a bandit, caught me redhanded, took her for granted
But when I screwed her, you couldn't understand it
Cause you're the type of guy that don't know the time
Swearin up and down, "That girl's all mine"
I'm the type of guy to let you keep believin it
Go 'head to work, while I defrost it, and season it
I'm that type of guy

I'm that type of guy

Old school L.L. Gotta love him. He's as hot now as he was back then when this song came out.

Hemingway I recently was rereading a book I bought years back called Eat Right 4 Your Type. The basic premise of the book is that your blood type holds the key to optimal health, physical strength, and mental health.

I found out years back that I am a Type A. So I looked over at the various food lists to see what the book calls highly beneficial, neutral, and avoid for my type. I wasn't surprised to see foods such as beef, bacon, and cashews among other foods on the avoid list. But I was highly dismayed to see foods like crab, lobster, and shrimp on my avoid list. So I dismissed the diet as malarky since there's no way I was going to give up my seafood.

Recently though, I've been curious about rereading the book again.

I particularly honed in on the exercises recommended for Type A. Unfortunately lifting weights wasn't on the list (which could explain why despite going to the gym 4 days a week, I still don't have abs of steel like LL Cool J...*LOL*). According to the book, conventional exercises can cause excess stress to the immune system and over time weaken it. The recommendations were exercises that provide calm and focus. Exercises such s Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga, martial arts, dance, low impact aerobics, and even stretching are suggested. I did try some yoga early last year in the quest for more flexibility and I admit yoga's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try it again. If the exercise claims are true, there goes my Bally's membership. *LOL*.

I may even try a Type A diet for a week or two to see if there's some theory in the claims. I know blood type is probably only one factor of many in determining how we respond to the foods we eat, but maybe blood type does play a role.

Has anyone ever tried eating for your blood type?

But I won't think about trying it until June sometime since my parents will be visiting me for a week starting tomorrow. I may post one more entry tomorrow before going to pick them up but if not, I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day, which officially kicks off the summer season for me. Summer can't get here soon enough. Woo hoo!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hottie... Edie...WTF!!!!!!!!

Say it isn't so?

If Nicolette Sheridan is really leaving Desperate Housewives, she certainly went with a bang.

Then there's Hottie. The loveable nut case got kicked out of Charm School, which isn't all that charming. The show won't be the same without her crazy antics.

That is all.


Friday, May 18, 2007

The May Ahead

I'm about a week behind in getting my house cleaned up. The reason for doing so is that I've invited my parents to stay with me for the Memorial holiday. Actually they'll be staying with me for a week. That means I'll be posting here even less than I have so far this month.

I have to figure out what to do with them while they're here. I have to especially be mindful of my Mom. She tires easily these days.

I do know I plan on buying some flowers before they get here and maybe my Mom and I can plant a few of them together. I may even get some fresh cut flowers to put around the house. I have those pesky baseboards I've been meaning to put together for years. Maybe my Dad can help me with those. *LOL*. We'll see.

I actually thought it'd be cool for them to meet a few of my co-workers for dinner. I was hoping Sally would be in town but she's off on a Bahamian cruise the week they're here. So Hemingway when Deidre suggested doing another dinner with Reid and Smooth, I mentioned including my parents. So she set that for the last Wednesday of May. Now to convince my parents to go. Hopefully everyone will be on their best behavior.

Speaking of meeting the parents, Rock (who now warrants his own label) teased about wanting to meet them. He even offered to pick them up from the train station with me. (Isn't he a good guy?) I'm not sure I'm ready for that step yet, though. I may take the next logical step of revealing my secret, however. If I do, it'll be closer to the end of their trip. I mean, no need to announce it soon as they get off the train.

Changing gears a bit...

I received a nice link to Oh la la blog (that I'm so adding to my E-litist...just kinda lazy right now so I'm adding it here...*LOL*) from a fellow sexy blogger. They have some nice images of hunky guys on there. A nice diversion to stare at from time to time. Plus the blog has links to other sexy blogs. Groovy!

Hemingway that's all I wanted to say for now. TGIF everyone.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm Alive


Okay. Maybe barely is not the right word. Let's just say I'm existing.

I'll be brief today.

Work's a bear. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Same old story there and I don't even want to think about where I wanted to be and how I'm not there yet. It's been depressing.

I want to get another car. I'm wrestling the age old demons. Questions I want a car note, my insurance rates will jump up, what if I get jacked up financing? So I'm trying to clean up my credit first. That basically entails knocking out or pairing down my one card.

I also found this great website that I recommend anyone that's looking to get a new car look at. That's why I'm trying to clean up my credit first (or get it as clean as possible) before buying so I can get good finance terms.

On the bright side, Rock and I celebrate our six month anniversary today. He's actually seeing his family this weekend so we'll hook up on Sunday. We've had our ups and downs but through them all it seems we're trying to work it out.

As Janet Jackson would say..."They said it wouldn't last. We had to prove them wrong. Cause I've learned in the past. That love would never do without you."

Hemingway that's all for now. A few other things are going on but I don't have the energy to write about them just yet. Maybe next post.

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