Tuesday, October 31, 2006

RC's Caravan - Part II

If you missed part one of my trip in Raleigh, please go here.

So Hemingway RC, J-Cool, and I were making our way to their boy's townhouse with plans for the group of us to go clubbing. Their boy I dubbed E. Lynn because of his slight resemblance to the famous author greeted us at the door. We came in and parked inside his nicely furnished living room and ate our dinner.

About ten minutes later, Doog made his way into the house. We exchanged greetings and he informed the group that the lights inside the caravan were still on. I went to investigate and was utterly clueless as to why the lights were staying on. While figuring that out, another car pulled up. I didn't see who it was (not that I'd recognize the person) but they made their way inside E. Lynn's house.

I eventually got the lights to stop flashing inside the caravan. No clue how. I went back in the house and was introduced to Barry. From what RC told me, it was a rare occurence that Barry was able to hang out with them because he runs his own business.

So Hemingway we're all just chatting. E. Lynn's sister (though I wasn't clear on their relationship and was making a wild guess) came inside and kept the group in stitches.

As I sat there observing along the sidelines, it was interesting seeing the group dynamics. That particularly was evident when any of Janet Jackson's songs were playing on the entertainment system. Most gay men are totally in love with Janet. Doog was no exception. When some of the group were making cracks on Janet's singing ability, he quickly defended his beloved Janet. He took offence as if they were slaying him. E. Lynn's sister cracked me up when she compared Janet to a knat that she wanted to swat everytime she hears Janet's voice. I could tell Doog wanted to smack her but wouldn't since E. Lynn's sis I bet could kick his to next week (despite both of them being "big").

But it was all done playfully. I got more of E. Lynn's sis candor when she found out that we were eating BoJangles. She warned that BoJangles would keep me in the toilet for hours afterwards.

E. Lynn himself seemed to be quite the comic, especially with the facial expressions he made as the group gossiped about folks I had no idea who they were talking about. He even went so far as to pour himself a double of what he was drinking upon hearing some incredulous news.

It was decided since the caravan could take up to seven folks, that we could all roll into that at the club. About twenty minutes later (approximately 10:30 PM), we all piled in. Doog and J-Cool were already fussing in the middle row.

RC mentioned that there was one more person that we needed to pick up to complete the Caravan. The guy lived in the same subdivision as E. Lynn. I got directions from E. Lynn to get through the maze of homes that looked the same to me.

It was time. I watched in awe as Tyrese (my competition for America's Next Top Model) sashayed (literally...*LOL*) across the street. He was fierce. He was fashionable. He exuded confident. He hopped into the back 0f the Caravan and I heard E. Lynn cracking up about not wanting to see Tyrese's butt.

As we drove, Tyrese made a request to stop at an ATM for money. I was driving along with some directional navigation from RC. Doog was being a back seat driver asking me if I was okay driving. He bugged a couple times until we reached the bank.

When we parked, RC and J-Cool kept insisting that Doog drives since the club we were heading to was over an hour's drive away. At first I was reluctant because I mean if something happened to the caravan, it would be on me. But at the same time I was not as familiar with the area as the rest of the guys and I wasn't really keen on driving that long. I also imagined Doog would get more annoying as time wore on. So I put it in God's hands and relinquished control to Doog.

We eventually reached the club, which the guys affectionately called "The Trailer Park". There was a long ass line outside and it was almost like we rolled in like movie stars to a premiere the way folks were looking. Upon learning that it was my actual b-day that morning, Tyrese questioned why the group would bring me to a "trailer park". The late night air was chilly as the seven of us made our way to the back of the line.

As it is in every line, there were folks that were cutting and trying to get in ahead of everyone else. Mostly drag queens, though. Eventually we made it inside and RC paid my way inside the club.

I pretty mark parked myself in a stool nearby various members of the group. Everyone was pretty much doing their thing in the well spaced out club. I didn't see anyone I was interested in chatting with. I do admit I was noticing how handsome Barry when he bought me a drink. We chatted for a few minutes about general stuff before he went off on the prowl. E Lynn also bought me a drink later on before getting his prowl on.

Meanwhile I was still parking myself in the same stool. That's one thing about me. I tend to find a spot and stick to it. Eventually Tyrese came back and he was keeping me in stitches giving me blow by blow details of what fashion atrocities everyone was wearing in the club. He also mentioned how he could tell everyone was watching him. He later took off his sweater, told me to hold it, and grabbed RC on the dance floor, which was actually a few feet away.

The stool where I sat was situated next to an open trash can. Several club patrons came up and would throw their beer bottles in the can, which would clank each time the bottles met.

Eventually all the guys moved to a different section of the club while I remained in my stool. Later on RC came by and directed me towards the area where the most of the group was standing.

About thirty minutes after that, the stale smoke was starting to get to my eyes and I was ready to go. Fortunately it was almost closing time as well. Tyrese made his way back to the group shirtless. Moments later, the lights came on, signaling the end of another evening out on the town. We didn't have to go home but we had to get the hell out of dodge.

It was a bit after 3AM as we made our way back to the caravan. I myself was walking with Tyrese, who was chatting about the evening. Eventually most of us were in the caravan. The only person missing was J-Cool. Several of the guys, Doog in particular, was becoming rather impatient. Someone spotted J-Cool in the parking lot getting his mack on with some dude. This went on for about ten minutes. Doog was shouting outside the window for J-Cool to hurry it up. I was a bit tired myself so the sooner we got back the better.

J-Cool eventually made his way back to the car, with his prospective date following him. They were still chatting but eventually they exchanged numbers & we made our way out of the club. Doog was all moaning about how hungry he was. He made an attempt to stop at a Krispy Kreme's but they were closed.

Doog was pissy but seemed to accept that he wasn't going to have any food. (Sidenote: If we were in Chicago, there would be plenty of late night breakfast diners to stop at.) It was after 4AM when we arrived back at E. Lynn's place. Everyone parted and I was left with RC and J-Cool as we made our way back to the hotel.

RC had to work at 5:30AM that morning. (There's no way I'd be clubbing that late if I had to work early...*LOL*) So he came to my room to shower and get ready for his job. By the time he left it was a little after 5AM. I myself finally went to bed and woke up around noon.

I pretty much spent most of Sunday by myself hanging around Raleigh. RC, ever being the great host, called me while I was getting breakfast/lunch at a local Quizno's. He gave me the number of another one of his friends that he said was miffed because he was out of town and didn't get to meet me. I told RC I'd call him.

After lunch and while making my way to Brier Creek Commons, I contacted Eugene. The two of us got into another one of our debate/arguments about whether the guy (and I) were looking for a booty call. I fueled Eugene's suspicions when I said that if he's hot and that's what he was looking for, maybe I'd give it to him. He already thinks I'm fast (then again everyone's fast compared to him). But in reality I knew that wasn't my intention.

I wound up not calling the guy until a couple hours after doing some mostly window shopping. When I did call I got his voicemail so I left a message. He called maybe twenty minutes later, had a brief convo, and that was pretty much it.

RC and I later in the evening went out to dinner at Chili's. It was a cool dinner. We had an amazing conversation about the other guys and how even though they were all different, they managed to befriend each other.

Tyrese was of course the supermodel of the group. RC describes him as the guy who has a meticulously clean home. Tyrese pays attention to every detail of what goes where and prides himself on showing it off to his friends. As a tidbit, RC mentioned the reason why everyone waited for him to come outside and hop in the van was because if they came in the house, Tyrese would go into art director mode and give a one-hour tour of his home.

The handsome Barry I learned was a business owner who makes his own furniture. He designs different styles for various other businesses and is responsible for making his own furniture in his home. RC recalled a visit where he got to see the plush theatre style seating that he made for his movie room. Because he has his own business, it's rare that he gets to hang out with the core group.

E. Lynn I learned was a pretty analytical type person. He's good at solving other folks problems. He works as an insurance adjustor at a big insurance company where he gets to hear about all kinds of issues. When the work week is over, he's the first one that wants to get down and party, no doubt to take his mind off work.

Doog I learned is a control freak. From what RC told me, he's the go-to guy whenever the group wants to take long road trips. He prides himself on knowing in advance what's going on and is more comfortable when things are structured. Part of the reason RC and J-Cool kept insisting that Doog drive was that if he wasn't driving, he would be bitching every other minute about my driving style.

J-Cool's personality can be described in one word. Chill. He's the happy-go-lucky type that's down for whatever. He's more of a night owl and usually starts his day after noon. He has the uncanny ability to attract guys to him without even trying. At the trailer park, for example, J-Cool was pretty much just sitting around like I was. But he's able to turn on the charm when needed and have several guys wanting to give him their digits.

RC is the mother hen of the group. I can see this because he was the one that was constantly checking in on me to make sure I was okay. He's usually the mediator whenever other members of the group fight, particularly J-Cool and Doog. He tends to be a bit of a martyr, choosing to help others before himself.

I made a comment that RC always keeps telling me how the guys (J-Cool and Doog) keep asking about me but I question why the guys in question can't call me themselves. He smiled and told me that he fell into the role of being the middle man for everyone.

If I had to give a quickie Myers Briggs letter assessment for each of the guys, these would be my guesses.

Tyrese - ENTJ
Barry - INFJ
E. Lynn - ESFP
Doog - INTJ
J-Cool - ESTP

Of course those are wild guesses.

Hemingway I debated on whether to get a Molten Chocolate Cake or not. RC had a feeling I was counting calories (I alluded to buying some calorie counting book before) and told me that I shouldn't since I'm on vacation and to enjoy myself and not worry about the fat. So I ordered it to go. RC paid for dinner, which was nice.

I spent the rest of the evening in my hotel room watching Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, and enjoying the cake. Just typing about it makes me want to order another one. *LOL*.

Monday morning RC came by the hotel to help me check out. He followed me to the Thrifty where I returned the car. We then had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my 2nd time at that particular one) where we were summarizing about the weekend and my upcoming trip to Vegas.

He later dropped me off at the airport and we said our goodbyes. An hour or so later, I was boarding my plane, heading off to "sin city". So ended my weekend in Raleigh.



Blogger Ladynay said...

I am mad you got to the club and sat on a stool most the time! LOL

I am even more mad at the fact I am literally 10 minutes from Briar Creek! ROFL

So what happened in Sin City?

1:16 PM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Marz said...

Yes yes.

Just I repeat what ladynay says.


10:01 AM, November 03, 2006  
Blogger Rose said...

Toni got it like that all on the billboards....

2:46 PM, November 05, 2006  
Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

on a stool the entire time at the club??? Hmmm no wonder you was the dancing queen later LOL :)

10:18 AM, November 09, 2006  
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