Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All That's Needed

All I Need Is A Miracle - Mike & The Mechanics

I said go if you wanna go,
Stay if you wanna stay
I didnt care if you hung around me
I didnt care if you went away
And I know you were never right
Ill admit I was never wrong
I could never make up my mind
I made it up as I went along

And though I treated you like a child
Im gonna miss you for the rest of my life

All I need is a miracle, all I need is you
All I need is a miracle, all I need is you
All I need is a miracle, all I need is you

I never had any time
And I never had any call
But I went out of my way just to hurt you,
The one I shouldnt hurt at all
I thought I was being cool
Yeah, I thought I was being strong
But its always the same old story
You never know what youve got til its gone

If I ever catch up with you
Im gonna love you for the rest of your life

All I need is a miracle, all I need is you (all I need is a miracle)
All I need is a miracle, all I need is you (all I need is a miracle)
All I need is a miracle, all I need is you

And if I ever catch up with you
Im gonna love you for the rest of your life

That's used to be my song. I actually was elated with the outcome of a recent transgression in my life and that made me think of this song. But I'll get to that later.

In other news, I got a phone call early Sunday morning from my Mom. Like 6:30 AM early, which is actually 7:30 AM Detroit time, so it wasn't that early. But early enough for me since I was still knocked out to the world. I quickly woke up when she mentioned that my Dad was feeling under the weather. He suffered from a serious head cold, a slight fever, a scratchy throat, and had a recurrence of the itching fit that he had last October. When the itching happened, my Dad was taken to emergency and was given medication to stop the itching that he needed to take for the next thirty days. The medication pretty much did its job.

We spoke for about two minutes before she transferred me to my Dad. He sounded a bit weak but otherwise was doing better than before. He mentioned that he was in the process of getting ready to get his Sunday paper. It's a Sunday tradition in the family to get the Detroit Free Press. So I let him go and promised to check in later.

So I called this morning and my Mom mentioned that now she has the same symptoms as my Dad, minus the itching. She sounded so miserable too. I suggested lots of grapefruit (except to not take it with medication) and orange juice. Actually they have these new brand of smoothie juices called Naked that I just love. They're supposed to be packed with plenty of Vitamin C and other nutrients. They taste so good but they're so pricey. Jewel Osco sells them for like $3.99 a bottle.

I actually was contemplating visiting this weekend and maybe bringing some of the juices for them. The one caveat, I always get a cold everytime I stay there for a few days. I don't know what it is. My immune system must be pretty weak or something. So I would have to pack extra for myself.

I also have to pysche myself up for the 5 hour drive again. I so hate commuting.

My Mom once again was complaining about Tasha and how she always seems to have an attitude everytime she asks Tasha to do something for her. Whether it's taking out the trash or picking up a perscription, it's always seems to be treated like a burden.

I was a bit dismayed after I hung up. I was talking to Rock about the situation and one thing he pointed out was that maybe Tasha's feeling overburdened with the responsibility of taking care of Mom and Dad. I mean it's not like my parents are invalids or anything but obviously with age both have slowed down. Trina and I pretty much only come by on occasion to visit whereas Tasha's there everyday. In some ways, Tasha may feel resentment against Trina and I because of that. So his point was that perhaps I may have to visit a bit more often than the holidays to alleviate some of the stress from Tasha.

I admit that I do worry about my parents and wish I could do more for them. So if I can come by and help a little more often, that would be good. I know I get exhausted myself with the requests from my parents but I do my best to do them since I'm not always around.

Also I need to be better about keeping in touch with my family in general. Since I'm a bit of a ways from them and don't see them on a daily basis, the tendency for me is to be out of sight, out of mind. I will admit that I'm not as close to my family as I would like to be. It's just something that I have to continue working towards.

So moving on....what has got me so elated today? Remember back in November when I got that speeding ticket from officer cutie? Well today was the day I needed to drive to Portage, Indiana to plead my case. Apparently though I was under the wrong impression that I would plead my case today. The prosecutor instead announced that we would be speaking to a prosecutor and if we couldn't come to a resolution, that a new trial date would be set.

I was a bit livid thinking I would have to waste another day driving down to Indiana. But lady luck was on my side. Apparently they misplaced my ticket and I wound up being called last. The prosector mentioned there was an error in where my ticket was placed and the charges were dismissed.

Woo hoo! The only thing that would've topped it was if I got to see officer cutie again. Sigh. But hey I'll take dropped charges any day.

Besides I have another court date this Friday for another speeding ticket I incurred. This time it was in Illinois near my job so I don't have as much of a commute. It happened on January 11th as I was making my way to a meeting. I got caught in a speedtrap going 52 in a 35. Unfortunately for me I made matters worse when I attempted to evade the cop. It started out as me turning into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot to see whether he was really after me. But I kept going towards the other exit and before I could drive off, he violently blazed through and stopped me.

It was horrific and embarassing. To make matters worse, there was another cop car in the Dunkin Donuts that was backing up as I drove in. You know, cops love their donuts.

So not only did he write up a speeding ticket but he also wrote one up for my attempted evasion. To make matters worse I didn't have my current insurance information on me. So he wrote me another ticket for that. That made three separate tickets he wrote me. Plus with the way I was shaking, he asked me if I was hiding anything in the car. I guess he was looking to throw even more tickets at me. Luckily he took my no for an answer. Not that I had anything to hide. *LOL*.

My initial court date was February 16th. I procrastinated as usual in getting my insurance card so I only had a print out from State Farm's website with my insurance info. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to prove I had insurance so they rescheduled the court date for this Friday. Of course the officer was there. Actually he's kind of handsome too.

Who knows? Maybe I'll get another miracle.

Another miracle....this marks my 250th post!!!!!! Woo hoo!

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Blogger Ladynay said...

Take your feet off the brake sometimes dude! ROFL

Drink you some dayquill or something before you go see the peeps.

I am made you got 3 tickets during one stop and about was about to get a 4th cuz he thought you was on something! HA!!!!

7:18 AM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger Rose said...

Hope both of your parents are feeling better. We all have that one sister or brother who never helps out and bring so much unpleasantness to the parents.

12:16 PM, March 21, 2007  
Blogger taylorSiluw√© ..... said...

yo ... how many speeding tickets do you get? And I can't believe you tried to evade the cop, LOL!

I spent a lot of years driving around with fucked-up paperwork AND a suspended license ... so believe me, I know the art of driving incognito and definitely under the speed limit.

12:04 PM, March 22, 2007  
Blogger Marz said...



12:24 PM, March 22, 2007  
Blogger Soldier said...

cute cops
multiple speeding tickets
court appearances
tryin to evade cops !!!!!!!!!

YOU ARE A MESS, just like me its official.
YOU GO BOY ! you rock ! Lol

(DUI is next, dont go there lol)

9:53 PM, March 23, 2007  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Hey E if you really like those Naked juices try Sam's Club. They are selling them in two quart combos for about $7

8:26 AM, March 26, 2007  

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