Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Naughty E

You know the drill....

Okay, here's some quickie random updates on what's going on with me.

1) Rock and I broke up a couple weeks ago (well I broke up with him). Basically I came to conclusion that with the way things were going, that we were better off being friends. He was upset as was I but since our breakup, we've actually been continuing to talk to each other and the weird thing is I feel like a weight has been lifted off both of our shoulders.

2) Work is still hell. know the drill.

3) I am Trina's Secret Santa for the second year in a row. And it's been so busy, I haven't had time to think of what to get her. And I'm totally stuck. I guess I have about 7 more days to figure it out. Still can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching.

4) It took me five hours to get home yesterday from my hellish job due to the hellish weather. I had left at 3:15PM too. Parts of I-53 and I-290 were literally at a standstill. It was horrible.

5) My exercise routine has all but fallen apart due to point #2. I try to get a little bit of a workout by taking stairs when at job but I'm not working out with the intensity that I've done months ago. I need to get back on track. I'm so scared to weigh myself these days. Somebody help me.

6) Is Noni really as beneficial as folks say it is? Or is it just another shill of an item that manufacturers are trying to get folks to spend money on? My parents have bought it and I've heard from others about its benefits. I bought some 100% Noni but the taste is revolting.

7) 2008 is coming to such a quick end. I still can't believe how the year has gone by.

8) I'm wrapping up on swimming lessons that I've been taking from an instructor I found via Craigslist. The inspiration for finally getting off my tush and learning was due to my not being able to swim while in Hawaii. The lessons have gone pretty well. I'm not a pro but I think I can at least swim a lap in the pool.

9) And yeah I think I've pretty much forgotten about my Hawaii adventures (okay not totally....damn I need to get my thoughts together)....but here's a horrid pic of me to remember my final moments in paradise. That pic was literally taken moments before I boarded Robert's Shuttle to make the sad trek to the airport. Aloha!

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Blogger Ty said...

Can you believe that I still have never been to Hawaii? Especially since it was my great-grandparents favorite place to go. You know, I need to take some time for myself and do a nice vacation. Both you and Mr. Jones going on about your vacations makes me realize, I NEED ONE.

11:11 AM, December 18, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we all need a vaca to escape this weather.

Sorry about you and Rock and I truly understand the weight being lifted.

My mother and aunts swear by Noni [and Acai] juice.

6:03 PM, December 18, 2008  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

#8 is the E that I know. You took not being able to swim in Hawaii and made it into something you could learn to do!!

Sorry about you and Rock, but I can imagine that the weight off your shoulders feels nice.

3:24 PM, December 21, 2008  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Sorry about the hellish job, and this hellish midwest weather, and now you are making me want to take swim lessons. Thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas and all that good stuff. P.S. I am glad you found relief.

11:35 AM, December 22, 2008  
Blogger Mr. Jones said...

I'm crying no rivers for you, E. You just came back from Hawaii. LOL.

3:49 PM, January 05, 2009  

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