Sunday, December 30, 2007

CockBlocker E

Yes I can add the description "cockblocker" to my name. But to find out why, I must start the story from the very beginning. Well you could fast forward to the last few paragraphs of this entry but you'll be missing out on some other interesting tidbits. (*LOL*)

Yesterday afternoon I picked Eugene up at a nearby Metra station and we spent the rest of the day hanging out. We were both hungry so our first stop was this Sushi place. We went there around 2:30 that afternoon and there was only two other groups in the restaurant. The hostess/server seated us at a far end table by this one couple.

The restaurant choice turned out to be a mixed bag. Eugene liked his food, I somewhat liked mine, but we both hated the hostess/server. She seemed to be in a rush to get our orders, even though hardly anyone was in the restaurant. But then the order of food seemed to take forever. Basically she was downright rude. Eugene half-joked when the one guy making the food told the hostess/server something in Japanese and she gave a curt reply back that he was telling her that we were waiting for the check (that took almost 20 more minutes) and she was like, 'fuck them, I'll get to them when I get to them'. That probably wasn't far from the truth either. When Eugene got change from her, she didn't put it in his hand and placed it on the receipt holder, which annoyed him. I wound up only giving her a 10% tip.

Our next stop after lunch was the theater to catch The Great Debaters. Two words...excellent masterpiece. Quick synopsis: It's a drama based on the true story of Wiley College professor Melvin B. Tolson. It focused on how he inspired students to form the school's first debate team, which worked they way up to winning over 100 debates before being invited to face off to challenge Harvard in the national championship. One of the standout actors in the movie was this young man named Denzel Whitaker. Wildly enough, the movie's main stars were Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker, neither of which is related to Denzel Whitaker. The other stand out for me was Jurnee Smollett. I remembered her role in Eve's Bayou years back where she played the title character. It was cool seeing her on the big screen again.

The movie of course wound up giving Eugene and I some things to debate about. The main one being the differences between how the young kids in the movie were hungry for knowledge versus a lot of today's kids. Eugene believes that there's a "knowledge crisis" going on that's only going to get worse. Basically at the worst, only a few select top folks will have most of the knowledge while the rest will only get spoon fed info from TV and the internet. Where the crisis falls in is that a lot of folks don't care to keep up with the news of today, instead constantly looking for instant gratification and not caring about the world around them. It resonates for Eugene more as a college professor where he is disappointed that foreign students know more about United States issues than American students do.

One of the lines that stood out for Eugene in the movie was how one of the characters wished he could spend all day just reading. I can't imagine hearing anyone saying that today.

So yeah, go see it on the big screen. Definitely worth the 9 bucks.

So after the movie we hung out at the house for a second. Eugene was online checking the train schedule for the next day since he planned on hanging out with some other people he knew in the Chicago area. I was downstairs reading Saturday's Tribune, catching up on the latest info on Benazir Bhutto's assassination, the falling housing market, and Wal-Mart's plans to no longer have movies available to download.

I then took Eugene to the same tapas place Rock and I (and Norris once) frequent. The restaurant as usual provided almost impeccable service. Even when the waiter slipped up on my drink order, he handled it with humor. The highlight of the evening was the busboy and I somewhat flirting with each other. It started out innocent enough. He poured water in our glasses and I gave him a nice smile thanking him. I saw him looking at me and when I told Eugene, he thought I was crazy. But then later on when Eugene purposely went to the bathroom, the busboy came back to clear our dishes. He could've came while Eugene was there but for some reason waited. Of course Eugene didn't let me hear the end of it. Another interesting point, after he poured water in my glass and I instinctively grabbed it, somehow I grabbed his hands. Neither of us made a comment about it. It made the dinner very enjoyable and the busboy even stood to the side and watched me walk out.

So the great debate happened on what nightlife activity we wanted to do. I wasn't really feeling the club scene and actually other than my Spin trip when Rock and I were "that couple", I hadn't really been in the club scene. So I was all for going to a bar. But of course Eugene wanted to go to a club to dance and boogie. So since Eugene was the visitor, the club it was. I wound up taking him to Jackhammer's.

I had to push a dude off me initially as Eugene and I made our way to the bar. He even bought me a drink, which I reluctantly accepted. Actually I had to push him away a couple times before he finally got the hint. I was kind of wishing Rock was there, this especially became apparent when I watched one of the hottest guys in the club dirty dancing with Eugene. I was starting to become extra horny and I swear if Rock were there that night, I so would've gave him some.

So Hemingway Eugene was dirty dancing with Brutus (very tight body, very strong features, actually one of the hottest guys in the club). As I watched with slight amusement and envy, I noticed a lot of other guys on the floor watching with envy. It was getting close to 4:15 AM (they were hot and bothered for almost 30 minutes) and I was ready to go, especially since I had to drop Eugene at the train station at 9:30AM.

So I went up to the pair after they wrapped up their dirty dancing and hot dude looked ready to eat Eugene up. I touched Eugene's neck and basically told him it was after 4 and I was ready to go. (Yeah yeah yeah...cockblocker E is what they call me...*LOL*) If looks could kill, I would've been TKO'ed from the dirty stares Eugene and Brutus gave me. Eugene wound up pushing me slightly telling me to leave him alone. A part of me wanted to just leave him but I'm not that type of guy. I watched as the pair walked up some stairs, still macking away. I saw the guy going towards the restrooms in the back and Eugene just parking himself in a nearby chair.

He got up after a few minutes and I asked if he was ready to go. Eugene was still pissy telling me to leave him be as he walked back to sit in the chair. Another five minutes went by and he came to me asking if I saw where Brutus went. I told him no. Eventually Brutus came out but was with another guy who was already all over him. Then as they walked up, yet another guy was on him as well with a third one waiting in the wings. I joked with Eugene to go up there and get his man. Eugene of course didn't.

Eugene finally was ready to go so he went up to say goodbye to Brutus, but he was too occupied with his other fresh meat to notice.

Of course Brutus was the talk of our trip home from Jackhammer's. Eugene went on and on about how strong his grip on him was and how he felt him get a hard on when Eugene touched his neck. I had to tell him to stop a few times (even though he really didn't...*LOL*) because I was still horny.

So we got home by 5:15 AM and I only had about three hours of sleep before waking up and eventually dropping Eugene off at the train station. It was a short visit by Eugene but certainly this was a memorable trip.

When I was breaking up Brutus and Eugene, I felt like Jem who was trying to save Kimber from Stormer and the guys who pounced on Brutus afterwards were Pizzazz saving Stormer from Kimber. Brutus definitely could've been a "bad influence"....*LOL*. Hence the YouTube video below. Enjoy!

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Blogger yet another black guy said...

GEM?!!! now you done took me back lol

12:37 AM, January 02, 2008  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

Eugene's ass would have been left at the damn club. I would have sent him a text message saying "catch a cab".

10:45 PM, January 02, 2008  

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