Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hanging By A String

Hanging On A String - Loose Ends

I've waited oh so long
for you to come to me
What did I do wrong
It's all a mystery to me

Baby I feel it too
What am I supposed to do
Maybe I've just changed
Or could I be wrong for you

You,you've got me hangin' on a string now
I'm not your plaything
You,you've got me hangin' on a string now
Am I your plaything

You never told me you were waiting,contemplating
With my heart,my love
You never told me you were waiting,contemplating
With my heart,my love

Do you mean to say
that after all this time
i've waited like a fool
now who's been changin' you

You,you've got me hangin' on a string now
I'm not your plaything
You,you've got me hangin' on a string now
I aint your plaything

You,you've got me hangin' on a string now
I'm masquerading
You,you've got me hangin' on a string now
I aint your plaything,whoa

You never told me you were waiting,contemplating
You never told me you were waiting,contemplating

I never knew who sung that song until I searched for the lyrics. Loose Ends, huh? An approriate name actually. It was the jam back in the day. I may have to purchase that greatest hits CD.

Hemingway it's the perfect song to describe a situation one of my friends finds himself in. Basically there's a guy (let's call him Stringy) at his job that's been stringing him along for a number of years. This friend is out on his job (so yall know it ain't me...*LOL*), a job he's been working at for the last six years. So Hemingway my friend gave Stringy his cell phone number and Stringy texts him with messages such as "I wanna see your dick" and "Look at me with your piercing eyes."

He also requests to see his dick whenever the two of them are in the restroom at same time.

The messages themselves wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that Stringy claims to be straight and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for seven years with no plans of breaking it up.

My friend has feelings for Stringy but refuses to act on them because of Stringy's girlfriend situation. Stringy himself said he won't do anything with my friend because of his situation. Stringy, however, keeps on giving suggestive messages and hitting on my friend.

My friend isn't totally innocent. In the three years this situation has been going on, he did admit to Stringy that he had a crush on him and that he'd do him if Stringy didn't have a girlfriend. Also Stringy has my friend's cell phone number yet my friend doesn't have his. (Obviously Stringy doesn't want my friend calling him in front of his girlfriend.)

He's told me that Stringy texts him from his girlfriend's crib (via email so he won't text his cell phone number). He sends the same messages and keeps inquiring on how my friend is doing.

It's gotten to the point that co-workers of theirs have noticed the "sexual" tension between the two.

Everytime my friend tries to break things off with Stringy, Stringy manages to reel him back in with a text or two. Stringy even told him that he talked to his brother about him but his brother told him not to break up a good thing with his girlfriend. It's crazy.

So the problem is that my friend may have met a guy that he would like to get to know and maybe start a relationship with. But he fears that his feelings for Stringy may get in the way of that.

He may be right. He told me that he recently offered to give Stringy a ride to the train station and got pissed when Stringy decided it was nice enough to walk. Not a good sign, huh?

How does he get over Stringy? Can he?



Blogger Essequibo said...

I can't answer that one...but he's gonna have to get over Stringy some kind of way.

...that's too much drama right there.

...not a good look.

How u livin, E? What's been good, baby?

12:51 PM, March 08, 2006  
Blogger Shawn said...

your friend's so called 'feelings' for stringy don't make much sense...

you friend must like to place himself in situations that are the 'impossible dream' and stringy sounds very immmature.

8:44 PM, March 08, 2006  
Blogger afrikanaudio said...

Time is the only answer. If your friend decides to let Stringy be, then he just has to give it time to work. This is easier said than done. But it works.

8:35 AM, March 09, 2006  
Blogger Rose said...

This is so much drama with Stringy's issues. I don't have a take on it.

3:43 PM, March 09, 2006  
Blogger lj said...

That is a MESS...How..what...nevermind...

6:04 PM, March 09, 2006  
Blogger "N" Search of Ecstasy said...

He can absolutely get over Stringy and he needs to do so as quickly as he can! I will be tough but I know from experience that falling for someone new is the quickest and easiest way to get over someone.

I really don’t like to hear about people being strung along. It’s like working to work every day and never getting paid. No one wants that and its not right. Stringy should be ashamed of himself. Plus he has a girlfriend....oooooh that little SOB!

8:17 PM, March 09, 2006  
Blogger Mr. Maurice said...

Stringy needs to be cut loose. Its a mess!

10:44 PM, March 09, 2006  
Blogger chase said...

tell H that Chase said "let it go"...that man has no respect for him, his girlfriend or himself....does he want to get with this guy and have to forever worry that he's texting some new guy (or girl)? tri-full=ling. fa sho.

how you been anyways doll?

12:22 AM, March 10, 2006  
Blogger ProfessorGQ said...

I remember that song...I actually "downloaded" it a week ago.

10:04 AM, March 10, 2006  
Blogger BuddahDesmond said...

I have to agree with chase and "n" search of ecstasy on this one. He needs to get over Stringy. Got to sever those ties. Too much unnecessary drama.

Oh man, Loose Ends! "Hanging On A String" is one of my all-time favorite songs. They were one of my favorite groups growning up. Oh, the memories!

11:15 PM, March 10, 2006  

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