Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Delegation Headquarters

Awww Goldie. I'll miss your cuntry ways on Flavor of Love. You were the heart of that crazy show. However, I am grateful that you were spared a fate worse than death. Meaning Flav...*LOL*. Now we just need to free Hoopz. Maybe she'll get clipped next episode.

Hemingway it's been a minute since I've talked about the job. So I thought I'd give a brief update on that front.

I recently had my final review with my SLAB. Overall I was told by SLAB that everyone likes me and I do good work. I managed to get a 5% raise and a decent size bonus (before taxes, of course). I know SLAB has his favorites and I don't really think I'm in that boat so if I'm getting 5%, you best believe the ass kissers are getting at least 6% and probably a larger bonus...*LOL*.

He mentioned that he's working on me getting to that "next level". Of course, I have to do some work too to get there. Boy have I been getting the work too. SLAB's been delegating stuff left and right to me and exposing me to folks I've normally not had to deal with. It's been a bit crazy. I guess it goes with the territory, though. I think SLAB's being sincere. We'll see.

On the bright side, I've gotten some decent support from a couple of my team members. So hopefully things won't get too crazy.

That's pretty much it on that front.

I'm still working towards my ten year goal. Wish me luck.


Blogger Rose said...

Congrats to you on the good eval and increase. You are right about Goldie. She just couldn't fake it. She wasn't attractive to him but he was to her. Hoopz need to be gone, she isn't into that brother either. None of them really. Though I do believe NY likes(love) him too much. This week is going to be something else.

11:21 PM, February 21, 2006  
Blogger Cash S. said...

What's your ten year goal?

8:37 AM, February 22, 2006  
Blogger Shawn said...

congrats to you.

Flav showed his ass in the last episode. The way he dismissd hoopz at dinner was tacky.

I have to admit Goldie grew on me. It's good she's been spared the fate of winning Flav. That special prize should awarded to Pumkin or NY.

The fight between Pumkin and NY next week had betta be as funny as that preview clip.

4:02 AM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger Holiday N said...

i've been tivo'n that show and when I get a little time..i will have one ol' marathon..

12:19 AM, February 24, 2006  
Blogger lj said...

good luck...I actually hope New York wins....cause she deserves it.

12:32 AM, February 24, 2006  
Blogger Marz said...


Everyone keeps talking about that show, how it's horrible television but they can't stop watching. (LOL) ( Damn I need cable. LOL)


9:38 AM, February 25, 2006  

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