Saturday, July 07, 2007


777-9311 - The Time

Baby, what's your phone number?
I know I'm kinda fast, but I hate to waste time.
Baby, what's your phone number?
Girl, I have to ask cuz you're so fine.

777-9311 - I wanna spend the night with you if that's alright.
777-9311 - Ooh baby, please can I come tonight?

Baby, what's your phone number?
How can you be reached on a lonely night?
Baby, what's your phone number?
How can I get into you when I'm feeling right?

(repeat chorus)

Ain't nothin' worse than rejection?
I'd feel a little better if you'd slapped my face.

Hey, what's your phone number?
Can't you see the agony I'm goin' through?
Baby, what's your phone number?
Girl, it's getting hard baby, won't you let me love you?

(repeat chorus)

Hey baby,what's your phone number?
I know it sounds fast, but I ain't got all night.
Come on baby, what's your phone number?
You know I got to be cooler than this cat you're sittin' with.
I'll do you right, baby. Come on!

(repeat chorus)

Come to night, if it's alright.
Honey, please can I come to night?
Can't you see what I'm gonna do?
I wanna do it to night, baby. I wanna do it to you.

It's on fire, you burn me out.
It's getting higher, you know what I'm talkin' about.
Help me out good Lord above.
Marry me girl, give me some of that love.

Fun fact I learned on Wikipedia. I'm not sure if it's true or not with all the misaccurate information on there. However the number 777-9311 belonged to one of The Time's band members Dez Dickerson. Of course the number kept being dialed to the point that he had to change his number. Maybe that's part of the reason why 555 is more commonly used in TV shows and lyrics these days.

Hemingway this post wasn't published on 7/7/07 at 7:07 PM. In fact, the actual time will likely be at 9AM on the 8th. I just wanted to commemorate the once in a lifetime moment that'll never come again with an entry. I was at a wedding, which was one of the most popular events to be at for a lot of people.

The wedding I attended was for Shelley's sister Shay (heh....if she knew I blogged she'll love that I nicknamed her that) and her long term (seven!) boyfriend. I know Shelley from the job and Shay and I befriended each other via Shelley when we bowled on a team together. Shay was getting on me about not keeping in touch with her (though it's a two-way street) and I promised I'd be better about it.

I even wound up sitting at table 7. I should've stopped and played the lottery yesterday.

The evening was cool, though I had my bored moments. There was the usual drama that weddings produce, most notably the music sucked rocks. I heard from another one of Shelley and Shay's sister's that the DJ was asking people at the party for CDs to play. But the food was great.

I had the worst neck pain yesterday too on my right side. It's weird how that pain comes from time to time in that same area. It hurts to even move it. The last time it happened that severe was last year. I wonder if I have a pinched nerve. I may have to get that checked.

Hemingway that was my Saturday night. I'm meeting Rock today for the first time in a couple weeks. We're going bowling and I want to find a forest preserve area (shouldn't be too hard) to do a quick walk. Then maybe we'll go for a bite to eat somewhere. Not necessarily in that order.

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Blogger yet another black guy said...

not to diss, but anyone falling for those lyrics is dumber than a bag of rocks.

better get that neck looked at asap.

5:21 PM, July 10, 2007  
Blogger Ladynay said...

Oh yeah 7/7/07 did past didn't it? Oh well. Thankfully I had no wedding to attend that day.

The DJ asking for cds????? Ummmm no comment.

Have some good face to face time with Rock, I am sure you are overdue for some.

6:34 AM, July 11, 2007  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

No while you are in that forest preserve, stay out of the bushes.

11:55 AM, July 12, 2007  
Blogger Rose said...

Why is it so difficult for men to go to the doctor? Get that neck checked out? Never wonder about your health, just do something about it.

2:12 PM, July 16, 2007  

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