Monday, November 13, 2006


I haven't been talking much about my viewing habits this fall season. But I have been hooked on a few shows over the months.

First and foremost, Flavor of Love 2. That's more of a guilty pleasure. I mean it's embarrassing to admit that I even watched that chunk fest. Yeah it's over. Flav wound up picking the big booty girl from Detroit who can be seen here and here. Such a role model...:-)

So has Flava Flav found love. The answer is no. After the reunion aired, there were already rumors that they had broken up. Too bad so sad.

My fave girl New York was back in the mother fucking house by the half-way point and managed to be a two time loser to Flav. But alas it won't be the last we hear of New York. She has her own show on VH-1 called "I Love NY" that's premiering in January. That oughta be fun. I'm so there.

I've gotten hooked on new shows Heroes on NBC and The Nine on ABC. The former is about a group of ordinary people who discover that they have extraordinary superpowers. Apparently they have to use those powers to "save the world". I'm surprised how the show managed to reel me in as I'm not really a comic book superhero reader.

The Nine follows the lives of 9 individuals following being stuck in a bank robbery for over 2 days. The writing seems pretty tight, though the ratings don't seem to be all that great. In fact, I'm almost fearing it'll be cancelled before the season is out. That would be a shame.

Of course I still watch Lost and Desperate Housewives (damn wasn't the "Bang" episode last week stellar?)

One show that I haven't been following but may watch this Tuesday is Dancing With The Stars. I was mainly turned off by the host Tom Bergeron. But I keep seeing hotties Joey Lawrence (sigh...I miss Half & Half), Emmitt Smith, and Mario Lopez flashing on my TV screen and recently on the cover of TV Guide (that was a hot cover). I think I'll put up with the corny & annoying Bergeron for one evening. There's more than enough eye candy to keep me interested and there's always the mute button.

Happy TV surfing.



Blogger nikki said...

i wasn't even really checking half & half until that last season. then it ended before i could find out if the older sister got with that fine brotha...the tall one...LOL

12:18 PM, November 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss so many episodes of my favorite shows that I have stopped watching. All except Desperate Housewives. I'll stop whatever before I miss that show.

4:43 PM, November 14, 2006  

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