Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Politically Abreast

I hope all my fellow bloggers and readers went out to cast their vote today. I left work early to cast my own ballot. It's that whole don't vote, don't bitch thing I got going. As someone said, since I like to bitch, I best vote.

I had the option to vote electronically but my precient only had one electronic station and there was a line so I opted for the old fashioned paper ballot. Actually that might be a blessing in disguise since I've been reading about all the glitches in the E-ballot system (though in its defense a lot of it was minor).

The Illinois elections haven't really excited me but the one election I'm really interested in seeing is the governor's race in my homeboy Eugene's state. Massachusetts may have their first elected African American governor in Deval Patrick. It's definitely a historic event. I even donated $100 to the cause to get him in office.

Deval Patrick is favored to win (so far). Check out the Deval blog. It's pretty informative (relatively speaking of course).

GO DEVAL!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he did win!!!!!!!!!!!

11:25 PM, November 07, 2006  
Blogger The Captain said...

As I watched the elections take place yesterday, I was glad to see people voting. I was unable to vote due to a hectic schedule, but I really feel this election was VERY critical for the course of our Nation for the next 2-4 years.

I am more of an independent voter and recently, I admit that I identify closer with the Republican Party than ever before. However, now that the democrats have gain many top spots with key States and control of the House of Representatives, this marks the beginning of a sad period in America.
You may wonder why I say that. Personally, I feel the Democratic Party will move this Nation backwards with the policies and ideologies they have in place. I just do not feel they regard morality and sustainability. For the issues we face on a socioeconomic level, I simply feel that the Democratic Party will fail to manage appropriately.

I hope that the Republican Party can control the Senate. If not, at least we have President Bush at the top to veto, discard and help clean up the mess the Democratic Party will create. Yes, this is the beginning of a declining Nation.

P.S. We really need to stop it with the whole "Support the Black Man thing" because he is just Black. If he was Black, White, Asian, Chinese, we should look at WHAT they are appealing to us to have OUR vote.

11:02 AM, November 08, 2006  
Blogger Cash S. said...

I didn't vote...bad...I know!

12:27 PM, November 08, 2006  
Blogger E said...

Hi Captain. I do feel you on my comments. It's my ability to see things form both sides again that come to play.

I've been aligning with the Democratic party for a number of years but currently I really feel that both parties don't really have America's best interests at heart. I am glad that the Democrats have taken both the House and Senate as I personally feel no one party should remain dominant for a long period of time otherwise they take their constituents for granted.

My friend Eugene is a staunch Democrat and he would argue passionately that the Republicans are opportunists that only support and enforce policies that help the rich get richer and poor stay poor. His biggest example would be the big oil companies. We've all been effected by the rising gas prices & he feels the oil companies have been given the leeway to do this by the dominant Republican party basically through the good ol' lobbying tactics.

Speaking of lobbyists, my own company has a lobbyist that "bribes" Congress and encourages them to vote on policies that'll greatly benefit them.

It's not to say that this still won't go on with the Democratic party. But my opinion is when it gets right down to it, politicians will be politicians regardless of party.

It's nice to see the Independent party slowly growing, though it'll obviously be a while before they become as prominent as the Republican and Democratic parties have been.

I understand what you're saying about the tendency to support black candidates just because they're black. But I didn't support Deval because he's black (though it's a bonus...*LOL*), I supported him because he's Democrat.

Case in point...Lynn Swann was a black republican that ran for governor in Pennsylvania but I didn't support him and am glad he didn't win.

7:45 AM, November 09, 2006  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

I don't align myself with either political party because frankly I think both the Republicans and Democrats do what is expedient to gain power.

I grew up in a world where the Republican party was defined by Nelson Rockefeller, Edward Brooke and William Miliken. It was far from the Gingrich party that came to the fore in the 1990's.

Although I am a person of faith I do not find the evangelical bent of most Republicans to be congruent with my understanding of God and faith.

I do like the growing political diversity of African Americans I think it will bode well in the future and I also congratulate Gov. Elect Patrick for a job well done and a campaign well run.

7:02 AM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger The Captain said...

That is the problem, E. Politicians or even the founders of this Nation are not in Congress to have "your" best interest at heart- neither mine. That is the fallacy people have come to believe. However, I refrain for now to explain what I mean.

11:13 AM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Keisha Kornbread said...

Don't feel bad Cash...it's your choice, so fuck er'body else thinks...

I ain't vote either...SO THERE!!

11:44 AM, November 10, 2006  
Blogger Rose said...

He won and I was so proud. We rocked the vote good.

10:54 PM, November 12, 2006  

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