Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cabbage-Patching E

By the time this entry gets posted, I'll be in the middle of Day 3 on my Master Cleanse diet. I have to say with the exception of some occasional headaches that comes and goes and last night feeling a bit weak and my stomach borderline wanting to ache, so far the cleanse has been going.

I'm even getting used to the Salt Water Flush. This morning I pretty much drank the concoction without so much as feeling the urge to retch. It was almost second nature.

It's a little scary because I keep hearing how bad Day 3 is and actually it's not over yet so potentially I could be dying tonight. If I live, I'll keep you posted. :-)

But seriously so far it's going pretty good.

I'm not even too much tempted by food. Eugene put that temptation to the test Day 1. We were talking about the MC, which he's totally not feeling. So Hemingway I may have been getting a bit fresh with him and he asked if I was being smart with him. I told him maybe I was and maybe I wasn't. He took that as a yes and told me that there'll be repurcussions. I laughed and went whatever. We chatted a bit before he put me on hold.

Five minutes later I told him that I wasn't really trying to be smart. He then said the wheels were already in motion for the repurcussion. I wasn't sure what that meant but I was like whatever.

So he then asks me about Paypal and if he could send money to someone via Paypal if they had an email account set up. I told him that he could and then he said he wanted to test it by sending me a dollar. I was like, ok.

Before he could do that, there was a ring of my doorbell. Mind you it was after 8PM and I wasn't expecting anyone. I was all set to not answer it but Eugene's saying I need to get it and to bring my wallet. I'm wondering what's Eugene up to and when I open the door, I'm greeted by a person delivering Dominoes pizza.

Eugene's all teasing me as I'm telling the confused delivery man that I didn't order the pizza. Eugene insisted that it was paid for (he wasn't sure his credit card went through so that's why he wanted to send me money via Paypal) so not wanting to confuse the man further, I took the pizza. I ain't gonna lie, it smelled good. Then again since I hadn't had food at all today, anything would've smelled good. I even opened to box to satisfy my curiousity over what he ordered. It was a pepperoni with onions.

So Eugene's trying to get me to take a bite but the one saving grace is that I hate Dominoes pizza. I mean, I'll eat it if I have to but it's not my favorite pizza. So I just stuck it in my fridge and made some more limade (it did trigger my hunger pangs).

Earlier on Day 1, I was at my weekly meeting and the group is offering bagels and donuts. Luckily they were in another room so I wasn't tempted. Then later that day, Witty is suggesting that half our team go out to lunch next week to celebrate a project going in. I have to bite my tongue since I'm trying to keep my MC on the low. (Hmm, maybe I should write a book. *LOL*)

My only temptation Day 2 was my trip to Whole Foods to get more maple syrup (that's the only calories I'm getting on this cleanse so I've been lopping it up..*LOL*). I also decide to get some Daily-Dolphilus stuff. It supposedly replaces the good enzymes that are washed away during the flush. It took me a minute to find it and only with the insistence of a lovely young lady who was lightly flirting with me was I able to find it. She knew from the maple syrup and the general location where I was that I was doing the "detox". She then shared her woes about trying it but quitting after Day 1. But she's hopeful that she'll get back on it.

I do have to say I'm proud of myself for making it as far as I have. I truthfully wasn't sure if I'd make it past Day 1. A special thanks goes out to No_the_game (my honorary "fag hag" along with Sally...*LOL*) for her support as I'm going through it. I'm halfway through Day 3 now so hopefuly I'll keep pressing on. I'll keep you guys posted.



Blogger Ladynay said...

Ordering you a pizza was sooooooooooooo wrong! But funny! LOL

11:35 AM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

I'm still trying to understand what weight you are trying to lose. You ain't big as a gnats ass! You look fine the way that you are.

2:30 PM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger lj said...

Just don't end up looking all "po" like Nicole Richie or something.

7:37 PM, October 02, 2006  

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