Friday, October 20, 2006

Match That Blogger II

I'm back from my trips to Raleigh and Las Vegas. I was supposed to be heading to Boston next but Eugene threw a work bombshell that forced me to reschedule the trip. So I may drive to Detroit for a quick weekend trip tomorrow. But I haven't decided.

Hemingway I have a lot to tell about my trips but I'll save it for another post.

I admit that I've been negligent on keeping up with my fellow bloggers. So I thought I'd do another edition of the Match That Blogger game, since that seemed to generate a lot of interest last time. I promise too that I'll be visiting everyone more often soon.

The contestants on today's edition of Match That Blogger are: Clay Cane, Karsh, Virginia Slim, Super Star "N", German Chocolate Girl, HoustonNy, Valentino, Trent, LadyNay, BrainsNBooty, and Rodney MD.

The rules are the same as last time. Your job is to guess who wrote what. Only difference, since I turned 34 on the 15th, the quotes I pulled were from the 34th entry. we go again.

1) "It was Soul Food Thursday at Howard University last week, and many students were looking forward to their favorite meal: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and cornbread. At lunchtime, however, students discovered that much of the campus had been locked down and that the school's cafeteria was off limits.

Apparently, many of them did not know that President Bush and first lady Laura Bush had arrived for a "youth summit" at the Blackburn Center, where the dining hall is located. Stomachs began to growl, tempers flared, and, eventually, a student protest ensued.

In case you missed the broadcast Friday on Fox 5 (WTTG-TV), reporter Robbie Chavez was at Howard trying to interview protesting students when a campus security guard showed up and tried to stop him.

Chavez: The university went to great lengths . . .

Guard: I'm asking you to leave the campus now.

Chavez: . . . to hide angry protesting students . . .

Guard: I'm warning you, you don't do that.

Chavez: . . . a big effort to keep a lid on the growing frustration.

During the protest, dozens of students locked arms around a flagpole in the Quadrangle, a designated forbidden zone at the center of the campus, and refused to move despite warnings from campus security that Secret Service rooftop snipers might open fire on them. You'd have thought Howard had taken a page right out of the Bush administration playbook on quashing First Amendment freedoms."

2) "Sunday was interesting. I decided I was gonna try to get up with my girlfriend who normally does my hair so she can hook me up for my Chicago trip. I still can't believe it's in 2 I get up and make it a point to be at her house at 10am so if anything I would be waking her up, not just missing her going out the door like the last time. So I knock on the door. Chitown's mother opens the door I speak to her for a minute and she goes to get my homegirl. She is looking like she just got out the bed for real and she says she'll hook me up and that she needed my help. (ut oh) Was my thought. She tells me that she split up with her man and that she couldn't stay in the house anymore. Then she asked me if I could take her to her ex's parents house (don't ask). I say okay. We pack her stuff in my car and I take her to her ex's peeps house. They tell her that her ex is staying with one of his boys and she can't stay there. So we go up to her brothers house (they all live about 5 mins from one another). She stays in her brothers house for a good minute and comes back out telling me she is homeless."

3) "DAY 3 of cleanse and today I was not even hungry! It helped that now until Day 7 I can eat ONE 400-600 calorie meal. So this cleanse is a breeze now that I can eat something. I had their shake today and it's pretty tasty and filling."

4) "My boy T. has a good friend of his here from Brazil for the summer. I met them yesterday along with two friends Glen and Leon who are visiting me from London for dinner. They had just come from watching Brazil beat Japan and they were elated (and a little tipsy).

So I asked them: is European Football homo-erotic? The players get away with a lot of "touching" and "male bonding" on the field. No one really says too much about it but it's definitely there. However, no one even flashes a look regarding it. I mean in American Football and even basketball (as we found out during the NBA Playoffs) there is a LOT of touching, but nothing like soccer."

5) "My girl Nikki has suggested that we designate the month of December as masturbation month and commit to doing so at least once a week for four weeks. So please, take your pleasure into your own hands, folks! I just felt that spreading the word about this important message was the least that I could do ;-)"

6) "What do I think about the Kobe Bryant incident…not much, to be honest with you. I hear it on the news and I'm thinking one of two things: 1) He was sloppy. 2) She's gonna get paid. And his $4,000,000 apology ring to his wife? Please…ain't no pussy in the world…oops, I digress.

7) "Casa de Bacardi"

8) "I was excited to meet X’s friends, mainly because he is always the type of person knows everyone and can pretty much get along with anyone. I, on the other hand, tend not to be unless it’s business. But X always talks about his friends, particularly his best friend so I couldn’t wait. I offered to drive up to his house early to help him out, although I don’t know how much help I provided in the kitchen other than mixing the cake batter and running to Food Lion to pick up some Texas toast and yeast rolls. All-in-all, the meal was delicious. The lasagna was great, the homemade blue cheese salad dressing was on point, and the cake was okay. I think the two glasses of red wine I had didn’t necessarily agree with the cake on my palate, but it still was tasty. There were two highlights of the evening though.

One was befriending one of X’s friends friend’s child. Though I’ve never considered myself good with children, this little boy seemed to really take a liking to me. Maybe it was just because no one was really paying him any mind, but we watched Sponge Bob (for maybe all of five minutes), played with X’s dogs, and I even lifted him up, over and over again. Definitely made me think about parenthood in just a small way though. I still wonder what type of parent I would be.

Second was… well, a guy that X kind of liked/likes was present at the party. Long story short, the guy and I ended up talking on the internet, but once we figured out who each other was and how we were connected with X, it just got awkward for him and we (he) decided that it’d be best if we didn’t really talk. Cool. He told X, and though I don’t think X was cool with it, he really said we were both adults and could do whatever we wanted. Yeah right."

9) "Please go to the link below to check out my interview for Men's Fitness with one of Hollywood's leading stuntmen, Jalil Jay Lynch. Lynch has worked on films such as The Underclassman, New Jack City and he's currently assisting in action sequences with Jaime Foxx in the upcoming film Miami Vice."

10) "While I am totally into the fact that Alex has everything that I want in a man physically, mentally, and financially, the most important and deciding factor is missing from the equation, his emotional state. This isn’t a situation where you take the good with the bad or compromise your own mental and emotional equilibrium to be content sexually or materially. That’s tired. And that’s what he’s use to dealing with. Besides I am not a material person anyway…

While it is fine and dandy that he’s attractive, he lives in a million dollar house, he drives an 80 thousand dollar car, because we all on some level want the success and the status to be like Mr. Jacobs-that means nothing if you have the potential to be verbally or emotionally battering. Or you’re prone to get tired and move on cause you wouldn’t be able to handle “two egos, two prides, two struggles, two different experiences…” "

11) "white people are so corny.... tissue, laundry detergent, light bulbs, milk (my grocery list).... damn, I need to mail off my car payment by 8 before the last call for mail...naw, it can wait until tomorrow.... why does this ho keep calling my personal line....and I didn't even give her my work number..."

I better go to bed in case I decide to go home for the weekend. Enjoy!


Blogger Ladynay said...

I know mine, I'll be back to read the rest later got somewhere I need to be.

5:59 PM, October 21, 2006  
Blogger Ladynay said...

My guess...

1. Rodney
2. Nic
3. Ladynay
4. HoustonNY
5. Brains N Booty
6. Trent
7. Valentino
8. German Choc Girl
9. Clay
10. Va Slim
11. Karsh

That was as good as I can do since I don't read a few of those! LOL And yes I got mine wrong on purpose.

6:46 AM, October 23, 2006  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

SO u didnt come here? well when u do let me know

12:32 PM, October 25, 2006  
Blogger Rose said...

I read through them but I know that I would get most wrong. You had me reading all kinds of stuff. That's good because I visited a couple of sites that's new to me.

12:57 AM, October 26, 2006  

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