Monday, May 02, 2005

Tele on Cellie

A week ago, I overheard some random people at my job, meaning people I don't work with directly or else I'd call them co-workers...heh, talking about telemarketers being able to solicit directly to cell phone numbers within 30 days. After overhearing the jokes of some folks liking it because their cells hardly ring, I became enraged. No, not because hardly nobody calls me currently and I look forward to the barrage of phone calls! But rather the thought of telemarketers blowing up my cell phone like they do my home phone is enough to make me throw my cell to the river.

Fortunately I'm a rational human being. Most of the time. But that's neither here or now. *LOL*. Since I was rational at the time, I decided to do some online research to confirm what I heard. Because you know, the Internet never lies!!! Plus I'd hate to waste money on throwing the phone only to find out it was false. Heh.

I came across this website after typing on (product placement)'s Search bar the words "Telemarketing on cell phones"

Once you get past the annoying pop-up, unless your blocker doesn't need to be updated like mine does, the article itself is quite informative. It lists several letters stating the warning that in 30 days, telemarketers will be able to call you on your cells, unless you put your cell phone number on a "DO NOT CALL LIST". But wait a minute. Upon further reading, I discovered that apparently this was supposed to happen January 1st, 2005. Let's see, umm, it's May 2nd. My cell phone hasn't blown up anymore than usual. I'd say it's another one of those Internet Urban Legends.

The information following the letters of concern does in fact confirm that. But wait a minute. It's not over yet. Apparently there's going to be this Wireless 411 directory. But the link provided above seemed old, so I went searching for a more recent article and came across this one published on 04/30/2005 from the Tribune's technology section.:,1,4286052.story?coll=chi-technology-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

The gist of the article (just because the link may prove to be dead after another week or so) is that there are plans still for the Wireless 411 directory, however, only T-Mobile is stupid enough to go forward with the idea. Cingular/AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all oppose the measurement and aren't participating. So unless you're a T-Mobile customer (and even then you can opt-in...doing nothing means you won't get added, unlike those stupid Columbia House offers), this shouldn't have much impact. For now anyway!

That was a relief. That'll teach me to eavesdrop on "extra loud" conversations going on all around me.

Wasn't that an exciting read?



Blogger Luv-nLife said...

I've already signed up all my numbers on the Goverment's National Do Not Call registry

6:50 AM, May 03, 2005  

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