Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Work Out Plan

So I'm chilling at home listening to my newly purchased Kayne West CD. You're probably wondering...didn't he drop that last year? Yeah he did! But I usually wait until I hear multiple singles and when I can get them off used, which is exactly what I did. The only exceptions to that rule is anytime Toni Braxton or Chante Moore releases an LP, even if they're trying too hard to compete with Britney (why?) or Christina Aguilera, as was the case in both of their last albums. But back to Kayne. I'm glad I purchased it too since it's banging. It seems to be a social commentary on the college system. Going to college and obtaining the American dream is deemed as something all youth should aspire to. And there's nothing wrong with going to college, as it does teach you some values and life lessons. However, a degree is no guarantee of necessarily "making it" in life. His album pokes fun at society's notion of college.

But anyway, I titled this 2nd entry of mine (I have a lot of catching up to do), the Work Out Plan. I've been doing a bit of working out myself and I've begun to see some physical improvements. All I need to do is get some sounds for my Cavalier and I'll be set!!!

Tonight I get to do some Cosmic bowling for a company function. It's part of our two month "too long" campaign at work for Junior Acheivement, which is a program that pairs up corporate employees with classrooms all across the U.S., teaching basic finance skills. I've participated in teaching a few classes myself. JA provides all materials. My company's been heavily raising money for this with cookie dough sales, raffle tickets, and auctions. It gets pretty old fast with the daily barrage of email filling our INBOXes with the latest JA funding event. All of this concludes with the weekend bowl-a-thon, which I'm participating in both Saturday and Sunday. Hey....I love to bowl!

Anyway, works been a bitch! Let me get back into the real world. I'll have to blog about that sometime. PEACE!

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Blogger Marz said...

Going to college is great.

(I know I'm extra late on commenting. But I'm bored and starting from the beginning. LOL)


8:14 PM, February 18, 2006  

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