Monday, April 18, 2005

The Visit!

Sunday was pretty uneventful until I got a phone call from my baby sister "Trina". Lately it's been a pretty rare thing for us to chat with one another. We're cool with each other but have sort of drifted apart over the years due to me being caught in the middle of family squabbles. Anyway, she mentioned that she had some time off and was thinking of dropping by for a couple days. I must admit I was a bit excited by the prospect since she's the only one in my immediate family that hasn't seen the townhouse I've been living in for almost five years now. It was minutes later that she mentioned the bombshell that she wasn't planning on coming alone. Apparently she wants to bring a "guy".

Being the one that avoids confrontation, I hemmed and hawwed but said some joke of 'long as there's no fornicating, it's cool' deal. But I don't know if it's cool having some guy I've never met staying at my house.

I talked it over with my friend "Sally", who's doing fine by the way. She said that she personally would have her sister stay at a hotel with the guy. She added the 'but that's just me' line. I chatted with another friend of mine "Eugene" and he basically asked me if I trust Trina's judgment. Assumedly if I trust Trina, then I should trust her judgment in bringing the guy over. For the most part I do, but I don't know about this one. I don't even want to mention it to my folks because I know they'd, meaning mostly my Mom, would be tripping.

I'm probably not going to say anything anyway but I will insist that if she does bring this guy, there can't be any nooky going on and if she can't live by that, they should stay at a hotel. Would it be too cold if I told her to just stay at a hotel?

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Blogger MR said...

Oooooh...SCANDAL! :-)

11:02 PM, April 21, 2005  
Blogger Luv-nLife said...

Here are my thoughts on that...Since there is already a distance between you it would be best (in my opinion) for her, and her new beau to stay at a local hotel. While I do feel mending fences can be a good's hard to mend a fence while she and her man are staying with you. Since this is a personal wound between 2 siblings that needs healed, the time to heal it is not at hand in this instance. You 2 need quality time together to begin the healing process. I think anytime someone brings a stranger home it creates tension, and is usually a better idea for them to stay elsewhere and get together and test the waters, rather than having everyone have to deal with it 24/7 while they are in your house...make sense???

Good luck Eric...if you need you talk you know where to find me...


9:41 AM, April 26, 2005  
Blogger E said...

Oh wow! Thanks for stopping by Mailon.

It's a minor scandal.

Thanks majick for the words. My sister and I are cool. We're just in two different places in our lives. As it ended up, she wanted to come during the week, which wouldn't have worked out for me. So we took a raincheck.

1:35 AM, April 27, 2005  

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