Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sardines, Anyone?

I took a quick break from work to post this video. I'll never complain about CTA or Metra again. Well at least not till after the holiday...*LOL*.

Oh well. Back to work.


Blogger Ty said...

All I can say is..... daaaaaammmmmnnnnn.

11:04 AM, December 23, 2008  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

I don't complain about MARTA because I refuse to ride it!!!

4:36 PM, December 23, 2008  
Blogger BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

OMG!!! LMAO!!!

Ooooh weee!! You know what is done has to be undone. That I would like to see. And Lord help them if someone farts a good one. Guess there aren't any panhandlers, break dancers, and rapping bipolars (MARTA) on that train.

6:37 PM, December 23, 2008  
Blogger Mr. Jones said...

Yikes! LOL. A mess.

3:47 PM, January 05, 2009  
Blogger Mr. Jones said...

Waaaait. Those little Asians are really pushing!!!!

3:48 PM, January 05, 2009  
Blogger Darius T. Williams said...

OMG - is this for real? That's hwo the red line is every night...

8:48 AM, January 13, 2009  

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