Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why I Love Tyler Perry

It's not because I'm gay. *LOL* What is it about Tyler Perry and gay folks? Quite a few of the guys I've dated over the years has made reference to his plays. It seems you're not truly gay unless you own a set of his DVD's.

It's not because of the horrible House of Payne. Is that painful show still being burned off by TBS? I've sworn off the network in fear of being subjected to the pain. Speaking of Payne. Allen Payne? Allen of Jason's Lyric (damn fine...*LOL*) fame. I know you share the same last name as the series. But why'd you do it? You're fine but not fine enough to make me watch that dreck.

Ok. See the movie poster above. That's the reason I'm loving Tyler Perry. Why Did I Get Married? is on point. I actually just came back from watching the movie. All by my lonesome. Literally. I was the only person in this particular theatre in a predominantely white burb on a Halloween Wednesday night. You know, trying to avoid the trick or treaters.

What can I say about it? It was so good. It was as I said before, on point. I have to say my favorite actress in the movie was Tasha Smith. Girlfriend's character is as ghetto as she wanna be. They definitely gave her the best lines. This movie made me hate Richard Jones's character as well.

Without giving away too much (in case anyone reading hasn't seen it), the premise of the movie involves looking into the lives of four couples as they go through the ups and downs of marriage. They all meet together annually for a couples retreat (almost reminds me of Norris's getaways with his peeps) and that's where the movie begins. Each couple has to face various issues that couples usually have to face. They do so with humor, friendship, and lots of prayer.

The great thing about this movie is also how it shows black men being sensitive to their partners without being emasculated. Ooooh. Imagine my joy upon seeing Lamman Rucker's name on the credits. If you remember, I first got my taste of Lamman when he played Mona's boyfriend on Half & Half. I was feeling my insides getting all warm and tingly when he first appeared on the show, as you may recall. The man even has chemistry with a table. So it was really cool seeing him in the movie. I knew the lady that got paired up with him wouldn't stand a chance resisting his charms.

If I were Oprah, I would say "Go see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?" Okay. I'll do one better.

I'll let Oprah tell you herself.

O: "Yes everyone. It is I. I command you all to go see Why Did I Get Married? It is beautiful and moving and I said so. Okaaaaay? Okay!"

There. She said it. My work here's done.

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Blogger That Dude Right There said...

I think that i'm the last black, gay man who hasn't seen this movie. But that will be solved tomorrow.

Thanks for the shout out, but there were no secrets revealed during out weekend!LOL

8:35 PM, November 01, 2007  
Blogger Cash S. said...

I concur. The movie was indeed great. Something about seeing Tyler and a woman together felt weird, but regardless the movie was great.

7:44 AM, November 02, 2007  
Blogger Rose said...

the movie was really good and you are right Tasha did a great job.

12:56 PM, November 06, 2007  

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