Friday, October 12, 2007

Punk's Bitch

I caught a repeat of the premiere episode of I Love New York 2. I tell you, VH1 really is milking this franchise for all it's worth. I just can't turn away from this scripted hot mess. I was d definitely curious about this round's batch of men. Just like the last batch, there's a lot of unsavory types. But there's a couple gems in the least looks wise. Hemingway here's a group picture of the entire cast courtesy of VH1's website.

I already have a few favorites in this batch.'s just their looks. These guys are the ones that I circled. The guy in blue who was given the nickname Champion by Miss New York's demon Mama was eliminated in Episode 1. Hopefully he was able to escape the clutches of demon Mama since she clearly had her talons set on getting that hunk of a man.

Fortunately three of my favorites are still in the running. Buddha reminds me of Debo from Ice Cube's Friday movie series. He doesn't do much for me face wise but his body is out of sight. From the previews that were shown, I can look forward to swooning over him. Knock Out is a bit cuter, though again I'm loving his perfect teeth and biceps. Yum. But the guy I'm really drooling over this season is Punk. Believe it or not, he actually is a graduate of Harvard Law School and worked at a prestigious law firm before they fired him. He also resides (probably not currently) in the Chicago area. Again his face is give or take. But he by far has the best body out of all the men in this round. There's even a YouTube of him working out at the gym that I'm sure will get more hits as his notoriety on the show increases.


Blogger Mr. Jones said...

I saw the repeat too and watched it. It's my guilty pleasure.

8:13 AM, October 19, 2007  
Blogger yet another black guy said...

the things people will do to get on television...

11:19 AM, October 23, 2007  

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