Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tatum Tantrums

Since UPN and WB merged together last September, the new silly station CW took over the WB spot. I never really paid attention to what would happen to those stations that carried UPN. That changed my last visit to Detroit. My first night there, my Mom was telling me about some soap operas on this new network. Desire was the name of one of the shows. The other one being called Fashion House. The common theme shared by both shows is that they feature in their cast older white women bent on tormenting everyone around them. The network is mynetworkTV and I sat through an episode of each. All I could do was crack up as I tried to make sense of the storylines. Neither show really hooked me, though. The latter did have the sexy underutilized black (aren't they all) actor James Black. Then again it wasn't like I watched more than one episode of that dreck.

While home in Detroit for Thanksgiving, I sat with my Mom enduring another couple episodes of the shows. She really got hooked on both big time. I learned that both shows were coming to an end. (As of this writing, both Desire and Fashion House are no more.) But I was not to fear. Two new soap operas would be taking its place. Of the two, the one that actually had the catchier promo was that one called Wicked Wicked Games. It stars Tatum O'Neal, who they tout as an Academy Award winner (although it happened when she was like that was many moons ago). In reading her bio, apparently she dated Michael Jackson (or as the tabloids call him now...Wacko Jacko) in the 70s and says in her autobiography that his single 'She's Out Of My Life' was loosely based on her. Interesting stuff.

Hemingway her character Blythe is a bitter divorcee who is seeking revenge against her ex. The preview shown on TV was crazy. And Tatum plays the character so over the top that I actually may be interested in following the show. The preview shows her punching some lady and then talking to a confidant all nonchalant about how the lady was just standing there one minute and the next minute 'Pow' while showing Tatum punching the lady's lights out. But I'm trying to resist as I don't want to get caught up in a daily soap opera. Isn't my life enough of one?

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Blogger That Dude Right There said...

So I don't watch soap opera, but what I will watch is James Black's career. The brotha has that handsome-black man-from-next-door look that just...

12:15 PM, December 09, 2006  

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