Friday, May 05, 2006

Listen To My Song

Here's hoping everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo.

I love my girl Chanté Moore. Tonight's post is pretty much just the lyrics to one of my favorite songs from her. It was cool as hell reading Trent's blog a few weeks back and him running into Chanté Moore during his night out on the town. I was feeling that whole six degrees of separation thing since you know, I met Trent a few months back when I was L.A. and he goes and meets Chanté Moore. It was like I met Chanté personally myself via Trent. Weird, I know.

Hemingway I was a bit sad to read that she wasn't planning another solo album anytime soon. I guess I'll need to buy her new duet album with Kenny Lattimore to get my Chanté fix. Maybe I should get her first duet album with him too...*LOL*.

So I was feeling a bit low lately about my romantic prospects. Dudes in Chicago play too many games. Ok fine, I'm sure Chicago doesn't corner the market in the game playing but it's pretty damn close.

Hemingway (again...*LOL*) to quinch my blues away, I was listening to classic Chanté at her best. Precious, her debut album that came out almost fourteen years ago in 1992. She garnered a few hit songs, including Love's Taken Over, Candlelight & You, and It's Alright. Her entire album was butter. One of my favorite songs off this album (among many) is Listen To My Song. The song is after my own heart. I could really feel what she was saying in her lyrics. To me, it tells about her needing a guy to express his love for her in unexpected ways. Do this and you get her love unconditionally. The part that gets me is what I coined Bridge 4.

"Say that you love me....the words I long to hear." I long to hear those words too, said with sincerity, of course, and not after laying it down hard on a brotha and he's only saying it in hopes for sloppy seconds.

So Hemingway here's Chanté's song. Ohh..and I also include an audio of the song. Even though the quality sucks, you can still hear the raw strength of her voice. Vintage Chanté at her best.

Listen To My Song - Chanté Moore

this is an audio post - click to play

Throughout the course of your life
Many things are discovered
Finding real love in a woman made for you
So look at me
But not with your eyes
Touch me with more than your hands
Imagine the two
My darling, me and you
In the meadows of some distant land
Imagine, my love, I know you can

Listen to my song
(Listen to my song)
This melody of love
This melody's for you

It's a song of wonder and beauty
My heart beats the rhythm and it's just for you
(For you)

Verse 2
When you're all mine, yes I know
We'll move as one
Our bodies keep time together they grow
Making passionate love
Destiny found
I'm feeling your body and I'm loving the sound
You say you love me
And we'll discover, I'm always your friend
And eternally your lover

[Bridge 2]
Now that you're mine
The love of my life
I am your woman, your lover, your wife
Sent from above
Can't believe it's true
Baby close your eyes

[Bridge 3]
Making passionate love
Destiny is found
Feeling your body and I'm loving the sound

[CHORUS - Repeat]
[Bridge 1 - Repeat]
[Bridge 4]
Say that you love me.
The words I long to hear.
In the end, you will discover
I'm always your friend
And eternally your lover

[BRIDGE 2 - Repeat]

[BRIDGE 1 - Repeat]




Blogger Marz said...

WEll I guess her words paid off, cuz she has a hubby now.



11:25 AM, May 10, 2006  

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