Friday, April 14, 2006

Most of All

Most of All - Jody Watley

You made a promise that you'd never desert me
So where are you now?
You built me up then left me standing all alone
Lost in the crowd.

My friends all say to forget you
I should but why do I hurt so

No one wins when the love is lost
You turned your back on me
When I needed you most of all
No one wins when love takes a fall
How could you let me down
I needed you most of all

Maybe I should learn to live life without you
Find someone new
But something happens deep inside when our eyes meet
I know you feel it too

That song is one of my favorites from Jody Watley (I'm loving that fro she's sporting in the pic I found of her at this site). I don't remember it being that big of a hit on the airwaves but the song was popular enough to make it on her greatest hits list. The words are straightforward yet poignant. I've experienced these words a few times in my life...*LOL*.

But I'm not going to dredge about those disappointments. At least not tonight. There's plenty of posts for that already.

I think this is going to be another one of those drive-by posts...:-)

You know what made me happy, most of all (*LOL*...I'm so corny but cute), this week? Being able to have one more chance before I leave for Detroit tomorrow morning to write on this blog. I visit blogs practically everyday and it's hard keeping up with everyone's blogs, though I notice some of you have taken a summer hiatus, so that makes it a bit easier.

I was bummed to see FreakofNature take a permanent hiatus. Anyone remember him? He had the wildest stories. They were interesting to say the least. You know his last post did mention something about what you would say to your first love if given the chance...or something like that. Maybe he reconnected with his. That'd be a happy ending, huh?

Hemingway I have good news on the bowling front. Yeah, without even typing another word, you know the outcome. My team won the championship against the team that defeated us last week. It was a pretty exciting match, even though I had a bit of a headache. Maybe it was the stress of the situation. I didn't bowl my best series but I held my own and managed to claim the victory. I think this is my team's first victory. I can't remember actually winning the whole season except the one time I was in another league. Ohhh..and maybe that time three years ago. Hemingway.

Suze Orman cracks my shit up. I was thinking about her finance show on CNN, I think. Her incessant "girlfriend" speak was hilarious, even though after a while it got irritating. "Oh my god, girlfriend, what are you thinking...", "Here's what you need to do girlfriend..." "Girlfriend..." Girlfriend this, girlfriend that.

As I listened to her, I was thinking most of the callers who call her financial show probably aren't thrilled by her "girlfriend" speak. Actually it may not be the "girlfriend" speak, so much as she comes across a bit condescending.

It's like, forgive those callers for not being as financially astute as Suze. Not everyone has the vast knowledge that only Suze can share.

But she does serve a purpose, though. She's a one-woman powerhouse and definitely a hot commodity. Girlfriend got it going on.

My sister Trina's birthday is next Sunday. After work today, I stopped at Big Lots (shut-up...*LOL*) and Target in search of a birthday gift and a housewarming gift. I did mention that she bought a house with her boyfriend. So I managed to find both gifts. So that's cool.

So yeah, I'm taking a roadtrip to Detroit this weekend. My goal is to leave by 8AM. We'll see.

I plan on stopping at her place of employment before swinging by my folks. She works in retail so yeah, she works weekends. Trina doesn't always visit my parents and I figure this will be the only chance I'll get to see her. I felt a bit bad because I wanted to see her place over the Christmas holiday but didn't. I didn't have a car and I was too lazy to unlock the garage to go out the one night she was available.

I've disappointed Trina one too many times I think so I'm hoping the gifts will serve as peace offerings. I do love Trina, even if she may not make the best choices. But who am I to talk? Vince, Aaron, Chad, that one guy I didn't blog about, that other guy I didn't blog about, next? *LOL*.

I'm so excited to see my favorite cats again too. Yeah right...*LOL*. I hope they don't have fleas again.

As soon as I finish posting this (and repost it for any spelling or syntax errors I'll inevitably will have...*LOL*), I'm going to double check my tax information and e-file it. At least I'm getting my taxes done on time this year. The money's already spent sadly. I want to get new hardwood floors for my 1st floor. I need to get estimates and stuff. Hopefully I'll get a couple when I get back in town.

Anyone get new flooring done? How much did it cost? I have about 675 square feet to cover.

You was Good Friday. I sinned today in terms of eating meat. I unwisely made a large batch of spaghetti and meatballs on Wednesday that I needed to finish before leaving town. So I bought some for lunch at the job today and yesterday. For dinner tonight, I had leftover Flattop Grill food from a date I had yesterday (after kicking ass in bowling, no less...*LOL*). Yeah I had a date...again. With another guy I've chatted with for a few days this week. I'm not ready to talk about Justin yet.

Oh was my nine year anniversary at the job. One more year to go. I may have to stay a lil longer, though, since ten is considered a milestone year (any increment of 5 is) and Deidre and I are plotting to have a joint lunch. The company gives milestone anniversary employees a lunch where you can invite the same number of people as the years in the company. Since we know some common people, we're hoping to be able to invite other folks. But we are talking about Deidre here, so we'll see. *LOL*.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. I'll be back Monday. PEACE!



Blogger Harold Gibson said...

Hope your Easter was great. Thanks for giving me a kick in the pants.

6:35 PM, April 16, 2006  
Blogger Rose said...

Happy belated Easter. Glad to see you supporting Trina with the house warming gifts...happy anniversary...

1:12 AM, April 17, 2006  
Blogger Rodney said...

I hope your holiday was as pleasant as mine. I spent Saturday in Manhattan. It was a beautiful day in the city. Sunday I did drive-by visits to my mother and grandmother, but I had dinner at my aunts house. It was great!

How is Detroit? I haven't been in several years but I need to go back. Is Livernois still where the urban fashionistas shop?

11:03 AM, April 17, 2006  
Blogger Holiday N said...

Is Big Lots one of those big stores that sell big things like costco..because I only discovered Costco after Hurricane Katrina and I fell in alone I have no need for big stuff like that but I do buy stuff just to send to charities(not because I'm that sweet but because I love buying shit like 150 ravioli in a

But back to you..sorry.Congrats with the bowling I smell a semi pro career?Think about it!

5:46 PM, April 17, 2006  

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