Thursday, September 15, 2005

Drive Bys

I have no updates regarding you know who to share tonight so since I've been seeing some random thoughts shared by a number of bloggers, I thought I'd share mine tonight:

  • Are random thoughts truly random when you're straining to put a list of those thoughts together? Ooooh, was that the 'fly of September' that flew by me. Okay, maybe they are...:-)
  • Why aren't the Chicago area Subway's featuring the buffalo chicken sub I've been reading about on other blogs?
  • I really need to find my swat.
  • Why do I always get comments about my bowling style each time I throw my ball?
  • Damn. I forgot I had a dental appointment tomorrow.
  • I have to get my canned goods ready to give for the "hurricane drive" my job is having tomorrow.
  • Now that fly is just tormenting me.
  • I never knew Danni Minogue sung the hot 80's hit "Baby Love". Trying to find out who sung it drove me crazy for years.
  • The Supreme's have a different version of Baby Love.
  • I'm feeling Clay Cane's comments regarding you know who.
  • Damn, he's on my mind again.
  • Why can't I be emotionally detached like my friend Eugene?
  • Ooooh..that damn fly.
  • I haven't had my Miracle Greens yet.
  • Good workout tonight.
  • Ooh baby, anytime my world gets crazy, all I have to do, to calm it, is just think of you.
  • Why ain't I calm?
  • I'm about to go drink my Miracle Greens.
  • Why do I still recognize people on the streets after not seeing them for years when they don't recognize or acknowledge me?
  • How are the folks in North Carolina coping with Ophelia?
  • When's the next natural disaster?
  • How about the next terrorist threat?
  • Ok...I really have to get that fly.


Blogger Rose said...

Okay interesting random thoughts...but the flies, they are so nerve racking. Plus I do wonder what is next with nature mother...please don't bring your rath to my state...

3:15 PM, September 16, 2005  
Blogger lady in satin said...

I have been away from blogs for a few days so I'm catching up on yours!! I'm not sure why they don't have the buffalo chicken sub in the Subways in your area, but that's a darn shame, because I know I'll be tasting one soon!!

I'm currently in North Carolina, and I have been here for the past week. I'm far inland, so the hurricane hasn't affected me at all...I'm in Charlotte. It mainly hit the coast and there is some flooding and loss of power and damage, but last I heard they are quickly restoring power to the 70,000+ people who lost it. Basically, its not nearly as bad as Hurricane Katrina was.

I was thinking to myself...what the hell is miracle greens?? LOL. Then I clicked on the link. Is that stuff any good?

I've heard of Danni Minogue from one of my friends who is a music fanatic. I thought she was related to Kylie Minogue!

I have also been seeing alot of random thoughts on people's blogs lately.

6:23 PM, September 18, 2005  

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