Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Diagnosis E

It's been a few days since I've first announced my goals for the month culminating to the best New Year's Day ever. Maybe...*LOL*.

I wanted to update you on how far I've come on each.

Goal #1: Finish two chapters of my elusive novel. Sadly I haven't even sat down to pen a few words yet. But not to worry, I'll get cracking soon. It's just a lot of other things have taken precedence.

Goal #2: Try and jog at a minimum of 15 minutes every morning God graces me to wake. Errr, I haven't quite done that one either. The morning I set those goals I did run 30 minutes. But I've just haven't felt that inclination. And tomorrow morning isn't likely to happen because Wednesday is the one day a week I have to go to work early. There's always Thursday.

Goal #3. Understand one or two basic tools to choosing better investments. I have been trying to keep up with the stock chart school whenever I can. I have a better understanding of resistance and support level. A support level is basically the lowest possible price a stock can drop before plunging. A resistance level is the highest possible price a stock can rise before exploding higher. Folks recommend having three levels of resistance and three levels of support. If the price falls below the first and second level of support, it may be time to cut your losses. On the contrast, if a stock goes past the first or second level of resistance, it may be time to add more to it. The logic seems a bit backwards I suppose. But the theory is higher rising stocks have room to rise further where as falling stocks you never really know the bottom.

So I'm getting there with that goal..*LOL*.

Goal #4. To not let people's attitudes and moods bring me down. DROPPED!!!

Goal #5. Clean up at least two rooms in my house. I completed cleaning my master bedroom two days ago. I've not seen a more fabolous looking room. It's worthy of showing off. Of course I'd have to blindfold you upon entering my house and then guide you to my room. Then I'd have to blindfold you back as I kick you out. :-) My next project. The kitchen. And I've made some good headway there too. I'm hoping to get that knocked out tomorrow.

So I guess I'm not doing to bad. I'll need to get on the ball with the first two goals. I'll have another Diagnosis E episode on December 12th.


Blogger Rose said...

Cleaning the rooms are too funny. You would have to do the same here. I can't get it together to clean. Too much to do. Blind fold. Yes I'ma either have to do that or hire a cleaning company..

9:25 PM, December 06, 2005  
Blogger Stone said...

Fitness is a life long goal you never true reach it but you have to keep on in there. "you wanna be sexy now donn't you boy"

8:33 AM, December 07, 2005  
Blogger lj said...

WoW..........um, is the house that bad?

11:24 AM, December 07, 2005  
Blogger E said...

lj...yes, it's that bad..:-)

Rose..I thought about hiring a service but then I was like, I don't want them to see half the stuff I have...*LOL*.

Stone...thank you for the encouragement. I promise to run a bit tomorrow morning. I definitely want to keep in shape and look sexy..:-)

7:27 PM, December 07, 2005  
Blogger TeeBee said...

Okay, so what happened to #4. Since you droppped it, what are you going to replace it with?

12:43 AM, December 08, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Death said...

Cleaning sucks noodles. Do what I do! Throw everything you own away (I have about one small cardboard box of stuff, though) and you're done. Or buy a new house.
Push stuff under the rug.
Its the American way ;)


9:17 AM, December 08, 2005  
Blogger lady in satin said...

#2 and #4....I personally need to work on them!! =) I have a love hate relationship with exercising. And its weird because I ran track for...(counting on my fingers)...7 years! So I should be used to the working out and conditioning and staying in shape, right? But after high school, I stopped running, partly because of minor injuries. And I guess I got lazy. I can't stand to run now and I have to force myself.

11:36 PM, December 09, 2005  

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