Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Can You Keep A Secret Too

Thanks everyone for the feedback on my last entry. My favorite picture outside of the Toni Braxton ones was the one of the man sleeping. On the caption, I wrote..."Susan You're The..". Is it just me or is Susan the standard name of the other woman? I think Whitney started it with her single My Name Is Not Susan. And then Salt uttered the words 'and he knows my name's not Susan.' So I thought it was cute to throw Susan in the mix.

I fortunately 99.44% of the time don't talk in my sleep. Then again, I sleep alone 99.44% of the time, so maybe I don't know...:-) But there was one time as a child I went on a trip to Mackinaw Island in Michigan and shared a cabin with my Pastor (he slept on the floor while I had the bed). He was pulling the covers on the floor while I was pulling to keep enough on the bed. It was early in the morning and I must've been dreaming about my school morning routine. My Mom would shout at my sisters and I to wake up. She had to do that several times before eventually we finally did. Hemingway, while sleeping in the cabin, I spoke out and said 'Ok Mama, I'm already getting up.'. When I uttered the words, I immediately woke up and realized where I was. I covered my mouth and hoped my Pastor didn't hear me. But when I cracked on him hogging the covers, he cracked on hearing me talking in my sleep. How embarrassing.

So I guess I would find it hard to believe that a guy could talk in his sleep and not know it. Then again, some folks are sound dreamers.

* * * * *

One quality that I've always had about myself is that I'm good at keeping secrets. A lot of folks have taken advantage of that fact whenever they needed counsel. It is good knowing that you won't hear from Martha what you told me if you don't want me to.

Just a few of the random secrets I've been told:

  • A co-employee mentioned having secret accounts that his spouse knows nothing about.
  • A male co-employee had a DNA test mailed to my house so his spouse wouldn't know about suspicions that a child of theirs wasn't really said co-employee's.
  • I was once sworn to keep a new car purchase a secret from a spouse.
As Toni Braxton uttered in the first few words of her single Talking In His Sleep, so you know everything about your lover? A lot of us would like to believe that, but let's flip the question. Does your lover know everything about you? Nine out of ten folks I'm sure would answer that no. I mean, do you tell your lover that you got around in high school? Or that you used to swing for the other team? Or that you were frequented orgies in college?

I don't know about everyone else but there are just some things I'd rather not know about my significant other. I mean, as long as you know that they love you and only you, they have no infectious diseases and aren't spreading themselves around currently and are hopelessly devoted to you, what they've done in their past should stay there. I would only want to know if it has the potential to affect my present.

Besides where's the fun in knowing everything about your partner (at least the stuff that's not break-up worthy...*LOL*). Over time, you should be able to learn more and more about what makes your partner tick as he/she eventually shares more and more parts of their lives. Of course, you in turn would teach your partner all about you. It's called give and take.

So it's okay to keep some secrets (again the non break-up worthy stuff...*LOL*) from your partner. After all, most everybody loves a good mystery.

Ok. I'm off to get my workout on. Lord knows I need it...:-)


Blogger FreekONature said...

I think that within reason, you have to cheat on your partner, psychologically. Some things just aren't meant to be repeated... EVER.

11:49 PM, November 22, 2005  
Blogger chase said...

I love it when i find out ne things about my bf, lol. Wanna hear a funny one? Ever since we met, he's always wore a goatee, or a beard. Then one day, he slipped with the razor and had to cut it ALL off. when he walked in the room I almost fell out. He has a cleft chin. I been with this nikka 4 gotd*mn years and I NEVER knew he had a boodie chin. I made fun of him for a week, but the truth was, I was turned on like I don't know what, it was like having a whole new boyfriend, lmaaaooo.

p.s. I added you as a link to my blog. I love reading your blog, but cause I didnt have a link to it, I always forget to come here. problem solved. :D

12:19 AM, November 23, 2005  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

I want to know anything that might come up in the future. If I feel anything in my past might affect my future, then I tell it.

Have you ever seen "Passions" and saw how Eve's past caught up with her and bit her in the ass?

12:56 PM, November 23, 2005  
Blogger Marz said...

Thank you for saying this, I hate when I hear people saying they want to know everything about their wo/man.



Becuase if you did, you would truly have to decide if you want to stay with that person. But, I also think that some things can be disclosed at certain times. Some things shouldn't be shared on first dates, but after about a year you can tell that event that took place.

(Damnit my parents been married 17 years, and they both are still telling my new information from their past.LOL)

Anyways...I talk in my sleep when I have very vivid dreams.(The vivid ones are usually sexual) The next day my mother is like,"You were talking in your sleep". I'm glad I never say what I say in the dreams.LOL

God Bless


1:22 PM, November 23, 2005  
Blogger dugla said...

is the explanation to "Hemingway" on here anywhere? I'm imagining that its simple enuf but just want to be sure...

8:36 PM, November 23, 2005  

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