Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Real Deal

I got this flyer in the mail for a new restaurant that opened up not far from where I live. The cuisine was Caribbean and it promised to be an experience like the islands. I think you know where I'm going but allow me to continue taking you on the journey. Okay, right off the bat, no it was not an experience like the islands. I ordered what was called "Reggae Ribs", which was described as beef ribs, smothered in our signature tropical bbq sauce. Bibs included. I had as carry-out! So anyway I went to the Caribbean place and was surprised to see quite a crowd (a mostly Caucasian crowd but I do live in a far West Chicago suburb so that wasn't shocking) as I walked up to the place. So I walk in and was shocked to not see a black family owned business but rather Chinese folks running it with a Hispanic or two. Guess I should've been suspicious when one of the sides was an Asian salad. Heh. I quickly paid for my food and vacated the premises. As for the food itself, I think they messed up my order because I didn't get ribs but instead some tough sirloin. But it matters not because I'm not going to order anything from there again. I should've known better. If I want authentic Caribbean food, well as close to authentic as one can get in Chicago, I have to venture to the city! Disappointing indeed.


Blogger Luv-nLife said...

That sux...but for as much Latin culture that is down here I still find white people owned operated restaurants that are supposed to be authentic latin/hispanic. Makes me loco! I have no isses with them, per say, it's just how can it be authentic?? Ug!

9:21 AM, May 09, 2005  

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