Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Word Power

Power of Love/Love Power - Luther Vandross

When I say goodbye it is never for long
'Cause I know our love still lives on
It will be again exactly like it was
'Cause I believe in the power of love

When you're close I can feel the power
When it's love I can always tell
Love for me is the best thing now
It's something that I know so well

Hold me closer and every minute
Of every hour, feel the power of love, yeah
Hold me tighter and take me higher
And feel the fire of the power of love

Did you know that your feelings show
You thought your love was locked up inside
But when your senses start to overload
Love is something you should never hide

You've got to believe in love
It's a feeling that's next to none
Can't stop until we are one
With the power of love

Tell everyone to try
I promise you'll reach the sky
One thing that we can't deny
Is the power of love

You've got to believe in love
It's a feeling that's next to none
Can't stop until we are one
With the power of love

I know I'll be committing sacrilege by admitting this. But here it goes. I never was the biggest Luther Vandross fan. I had no doubt of his talent but his songs never did anything for me. Worse yet, his single Here and Now is forever and always (*LOL*) tainted due to the fact that it was my high school prom theme. I hated high school Hemingway and anything associated with it.

The only song I really liked from Luther was Dance With My Father. Sadly it would be Luther's last single. It's a very beautiful touching song that to me is about a young man's adoration of his father. It of course makes me think of my Dad. It's amazing how much I looked up to my own Dad growing up and sought his approval.

I was reminded of that in a recent visit to my folks. I took an early morning road trip to Detroit last month. I didn't get a speeding ticket....hey! Hemingway about an hour or so after my arrival, my Dad was coming home from Sam's club and there was a lot of stuff to carry. I found myself grabbing several things at a time. On one of my trips I carried a case of bottled water and on top of that, a giant bag of kitty litter. As I was walking with the items, my Dad remarked about how strong I was. I admit that put a bit of a smile on my face as I told him that I try to work out every now and then. I remembered in my previous trip, I carried in one hand a box filled with 3 large bottles of Clorox and in the other hand, a box with two 64-oz bottles of OJ. It made me think, damn I am strong.

In the past, my Dad had seen me as being weak. At least that was my perception during those times he would say he'd want a couple other guys to help do some manual labor. Or those times when he'd say 'that's ok E, I'll get some help.' My lack of strength has been a bit of a sore spot for me. Besides making me question my manhood (as if my attraction to guys didn't make me question it enough), it made me feel like I could never measure up in my Dad's eyes. A failure in that respect.

So you could imagine how his words recently gave me a lift. I was so elated I even sent a few texts to Rock expressing it. Of course Rock told me that I've always been strong. He's such a good guy. (Ten months in a couple days ya'll. Woo hoo!)

Hemingway I have a long way to go before I feel like Hercules and I don't know if I'll ever get to that point. But I know at least I'm not as weak as before.

It's amazing the power that words can have on some folks. Particularly for me. I'm someone that internalizes lots of things. Anyone that knows me knows my tendency to beat myself up. Add a few words to the mix and it provides the potent punch. It just goes to show how important positive reinforcement can be for everyone. Especially me.

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Blogger Bklyn's Finest said...

I'm with you E.. words can make SUCH a difference!!! glad your dad was able to express something to you that made you positive.. *so since you lifting all them items out the car from Sam's club.. can you give me a hand with mine? :)*

congrats on the upcoming 10 mos.. so I assume your bday celebration will be even sweeter next month!

10:10 AM, September 06, 2007  
Blogger yet another black guy said...

first off, go on with your bad self! 10 months is nothing to scoff at. Congrats!

i'm sure your dad didn't mean anything negative with his comments, but internalized conversations can take a turn inside the thinkers' mind that was never on the map in the first place.

it's just great to read that you and your family are close. :)

11:43 PM, September 07, 2007  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

I don't think that people understand how their words can affect people sometimes. But I am glad that your Dad realized your true strength, be that physical and mental.

And congrats on the 10 months. Hollywood and I made it to 5 on the 6th.

7:52 PM, September 08, 2007  
Blogger Rose said...

Words are powerful and can do as much harm as good when used wrongly against someone.

2:47 PM, September 11, 2007  

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