Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Hate CW

I had a really bad feeling about the fate of Half & Half since I first heard about the merging of UPN and WB. Stacey-Deanne's blog entry with her opinions about the merger pretty much mirrored what I was feeling. CW ended up dumping Half & Half from the new roster.

Out of the eight current black UPN comedies in circulation, only three were chosen to move to CW. The first was Everybody Hates Chris. That one was sort of a no-brainer considering the high praise the series had gotten during its debut season. It had one of UPN highest ratings when it first premiered. The show is pretty funny (at least the few times I've seen it since I was usually bowling that night). The buzz since the merger news hit was the EHC was safe. Just about every single article citing the stupid merger mentioned them in the fall line-up.

The second series to survive was Girlfriends. Despite the uneven writing over the last couple seasons(Seasons 1 - 3 remain IMHO the strongest seasons), it did seem logical that the network would renew Girlfriends. I will give GFs a tiny bit of credit. Their season finale was actually very good, even though it seemed to knock Joan way too much. I mean, forgive a sister for deciding to look out for #1 after years of being taken advantage of time and time again by her so-called girlfriends. But whatever, GF is safe for another year.

The third UPN series to survive is All Of Us. Other than the association with Will Smith (of Fresh Prince Fame) and Jada Pinkett (of A Different World fame), I'm at a loss as to why this show was picked up another season. I don't know. I guess I'm cynical but I really couldn't get into this show at all.

I'm equally disturbed that the network decided to renew 7th Heaven for half a season. That show has been crap for many years. But like a cockroach, the shit survived again.

I don't know if I'm going to watch the CW at all. I'm really disappointed that they chose to dump Half & Half after they've had their strongest season yet. I guess if there is a bright side to this whole debacle, Half & Half is IMHO ending on a strong note. It's definitely better to be remembered as an overall solid series rather than having a few strong seasons and then experiencing a slow decline. My only hope is that the show gets released on DVD. But I don't think I'm holding my breath for that one. I'll miss seeing my weekly dose of Phyllis and BDD going at it. I'll always remember their Mother's Day duets, which were an annual treat.

Fuck CW!



Blogger Cash S. said...

Are you serious, that sucks.

I didn't care for the show when it first aired, but eventually it grew on me and the writing got better. Plus BDD (lol) is cute, I like her. I hate to hear that they're not bringing it back.

They should have chopped All Of Us, that show is so lame.

8:56 AM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Karsh said...

This new CW network is going to be a hot mess. Basically, they're putting all the Black shows (EHC, All of Us and Girlfriends) on -- get this -- the Sunday night prime time block! To round it out is the lame ass series "The Game" with Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson. I smell sabotage -- there's no way this block will get ratings with Nielsen families so long as The Simpsons and Family Guy are contenders.

I will miss Half & Half too. Damnit, who will Mona end up picking? That was a good show with a solid cast. Damnit!

10:16 AM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

I agree when I first watched it i was like BLAH but it has since came along way and my favorite is ADAM of course......At least Cuts aint coming back

1:39 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Marz said...


I don't like All of us anyway. Khamani ( the little boy) is the ONLY reason to watch the show. HE IS JUST SO CUTE. CUTS is trash, along with Love INc, and EVE. ONe on One LOST IT so much, it used to be hot. WHo knows. But the WB did use to be UPN and vice versa. Remember when WB had Steve HArvey, JAmie Foxx, Smart Guy, The Pj's, and SISTER SISTER, For your love and such. And UPN had clueless, and I can't remember the other shows. but whatever.


1:40 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Rose said...

My daughter really enjoyed that One on One. I think it was a positive show. But it was predicted that this would happen by many including Stacy... Half and Half was actually a good show...

4:46 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger TeeBee said...

All of Us?.....What the hell? I don't even know what that show is about since the fiance left.

11:48 PM, May 18, 2006  
Blogger Harold Gibson said...

E tell us how you really feel. Man this is a lot of emotion from you. I wish I had watched Half & Half now.

4:32 AM, May 19, 2006  
Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

that's one of my favorite shows.. you see now CW is trying to put all the black shows on sunday.. *something just ain't right*

1:29 PM, May 22, 2006  

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