Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend In Suburbia

"Sally" invited me as her guest to a party in Lake Villa, IL Saturday evening. The party was being hosted by her friend Jeff who recently won over $60 grand during his appearance on "Wheel of Fortune". (Lucky bastard. He really of the puzzles he had to solve was six letters: _ _ _ L _ N, a THING. Any ideas?) Georgraphically speaking, Lake Villa is about 1 1/2 hours from where I lived. It was about the same amount of time from Sally, who herself lives a little over an hour from me.

I decided to ride with Sally, which meant I had to drive to her first. I got to her place on the northside of Chicago and thought I was the cat's meow with my baggy black Pelle Pelle (yeah they're so 1999 but whatever...*LOL*) and denim green shirt. Sally informed me that the event would be outdoors and I'd be mad hot in my get-up. She tossed me a black t-shirt, which I promptly placed on. She couldn't help me with the jeans.

So anyway we're caught in mad traffic as we drive north to get to Jeff's place. We finally get off at the right exit towards Gurnee Mills, a popular outlet mall in, umm, Gurnee. We drive for what seems like forever and a day before entering rural country. A few side roads later, we hit Jeff's subdivision, filled with McMansions. Sigh. I think I want one someday, well except I wouldn't mind having a bit more space between my neighbors. I guess I'm private like that. *LOL*

The party itself was relatively boring for me but Sally has some very nice friends. Jeff's house, which he shares with his lover, was cool and the tour was the highlight of the party. I loved his accent walls and his crown molding & the general decor. He had furniture in every room and is definitely living large.

I learned that Jeff did everything himself, including the crown moldings. I left his place inspired to turn my tiny chunk of real estate around with his decor ideas. I'll get it there yet, especially since I eventually want to sell it and move elsewhere. I've even thought of moving away from Illinois, though a very wise friend of Sally's at the party, told me that maybe happiness could be living in the city. She kinda had a point. We'll see I guess.

Oh well. I need to get my black ass to bed. I'm due at work later today. Joy! At least it's another chance for one of my stocks to blow up. Gotta look to the bright side of things...*LOL*. Good night!



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