Sunday, July 10, 2005

Soap Operetta

I had the pleasure recently of watching R. Kelly's latest epic saga titled Trapped In The Closet. The saga couldn't all be explained in one video, so he made 5 parts to explain the drama. The buzz from my favorite hangout to talk about everything related to TV was that it was a hot mess. I have to admit curiosity got the best of me so I was excited to see what the fuss was about.

The convoluted (although that's too generous of a word) story is that R finds himself in a bed that's not his at some early morning hour. He tries to leave to go to his wife but his lady of the night Mary tells him that her husband's coming up the stairs. After going over their options, they decided that R. should hide in the closet. So husband Rufus comes home, makes out with Mary but R.'s cell rings and blows the cover & Rufus finds R. in the closet. R. comes out with a gun, arguing ensues, Rufus decides to tell the truth about himself and brings his lover Chuck to the apartment. More arguing ensues before R. calls home and a man answers the phone. So he's speeding to get home and gets pulled over by a cop doing 60 in a 40. He gets ticket and then makes it home. R. searches the bedroom and sees wife in shower in what looks like another man. He bursts open the shower and only finds wife. So they start making out while he's fully clothed, she freaks out when seeing a condom so she pretends to climax while R. complains of leg cramps. But alas, R. sees the condom, or should I say...'rubber, ubber, ubber'. Aruging ensues yet again before wife reveals that she's creeping with the cop that pulled R. over.

Alrighty then. Apparently R. plans on making 5 more parts of this travesty. He said in a BET special that he wants this to be like General Hospital & other soaps. Okay! Good luck with that one.

Funny thing, though. I have to give it to him. Even though he's an accused pedophile and was even caught on tape, he still has nine lives when it comes to his music. Eric Benet wishes he had R.'s pull. His career pretty much fizzled after it was revealed he was a sex-a-holic.

Anyway that's entertainment news for today.

Everything's pretty quiet on the eric g. front. I need to log into work at some point today to send offshore program specs. But otherwise I plan on being VH1's bitch tonight with the premiere tonight of Surreal Life 5 and Celebrity Fit Club 2. Fun times!


Blogger Frank León Roberts said...

great, great commentary. keep it up~!

5:48 AM, July 12, 2005  
Blogger E said...

Thanks! I appreciate the visit and nice blog yourself.

8:54 AM, July 18, 2005  
Blogger Marz said...

E, your a cutie. (LOL)

I roll my eyes at R. Kelly. The first time I heard part 1 on the radio, I choked on my water, and screamed "what the hell?" After the last lyric when he said," and it was a man". (LOL)


9:13 PM, February 18, 2006  

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