Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bursting The Dam

My health last week began to take a turn for the worse. It all started early last Monday. I was wasting time as usual online when at 12:50 AM I felt like my windpipe was beginning to close on me. I struggled for a second to let air into my system but luckily was able to. I went downstairs and drank a bit of water but I started soon feeling worse. I felt like my heart was being poked by tiny needles and I still felt a bit winded.

I went into my basement and measured my blood pressure. It was 153/96. That was definitely in the danger zone. It was like my mid-January experience all over again. I didn't feel as horrible as that night but it was awfully close. Moments later, I felt the urge to have a bowel movement. Yeah disgusting. Sorry. I just want to list all I remember happening.

I returned downstairs and measured my pressure again. It was around the same except my diastolic was 97. I laid down on the couch and relaxed the best I could until I fell asleep. I took my BP the next morning and it was 124/79. I was relieved.

That relief was short-lived when early Thursday morning, I experienced the same thing. My high this time was 169/97. I also experienced leg tremors and my chest feeling heavy when I lied down. When I got up, my BP was around 135/89, still kinda high but more borderline.

Friday morning my BP shot up to 152/102. I made an appointment with my doctor (actually another doctor in the office since my regular one wasn't available) and they measured it to be 130/92. I have to admit this doctor had one of those borderline annoying personalities. But I recognized that he was just trying to be humorous and I laughed along with him.

He didn't want to put me on medication. Thank God, because from reading all the different side effects and such, I wouldn't want to be on any. My parents have been on HBP medicaton for over 20 years now and at 32, I don't want to start. So he wants me to track my BP for 2 weeks to develop a trend. That gives me two weeks to shape up and try to bring it down on my own.

So I think I'll keep track of my BP on my blog so you all can share my joyful experiences.

In the meantime, I'm trying different foods and ideas in order to try and lower my BP. I've decided to go to bed earlier than I normally do, which seems to have helped my early morning BP, this morning for example, it was 115/73. I'm looking into some different green teas as well as other alternative methods. I don't want to go on any medication at all.

Wish me luck.

My BP readings:
4PM 140/82 Pulse 69

12AM 145/89 Pulse 70
12:20 142/90 Pulse 67
7AM 120/79 Pulse 79
7:30AM 136/89 Pulse 71
1:40PM 134/76 Pulse 89
10:40PM 144/86 Pulse 72

8:30AM 115/73 Pulse 75
9:20 AM 137/89 Pulse 70

Total Systolic: 1213, Total Diastolic 753, Total Pulse 662
Average so far (rounded): 135/84 Pulse 74



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