Saturday, February 20, 2010

Toni's Pulse

I don't know how I missed this but Toni Braxton has a new album coming out in early May. I just watched the video for her first single Yesterday. Thankfully it's not yet another remake of The Beatles Yesterday. Rather it's a duet with Trey Songz (who reminds me of Chris Brown). The song itself does have that commercial sound to it. It actually sounds like something I've heard before. I just can't put my finger on what song. The upswing is that Toni's voice never sounded clearer and the assist by Trey Songz works. I think she finally swallowed her sandwich.

Anyway I'm a diehard Toni fan so I'll be grabbing her LP when it comes out. Time will tell whether or not the Toni of the mid 90s makes a triumphant return.



Blogger Ladynay said...

Toni is one of my boyfriend's "babymommas" so on his behalf, Thank you! He never seen the video. LOL!

Sucks to hear about your car and the accident. I'll think positive thoughts that things are fine with your car now.

Congrats on the possible raise and the day off. We all need to step away from life from time to time.

12:31 PM, February 20, 2010  

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