Saturday, January 02, 2010

Chopped & Screwed 2010


2010 is shaping up to be a screwed and choppy year for me. But not necessarily in a bad way as you'll later read. Actually just to summarize on my holiday, it went fine. I trained it to Detroit on Christmas Eve and stayed until the 29th. This year for Secret Santa I had my Mom's name. I wound up getting her a basket of lotion, hand soap, and body gels from Bath & Body Works. For good measure I also got my Godmother the same. My Dad had my name for Secret Santa and he went and bought me a new Bed in a Bag. I did need some new sheets so that was cool. I have to admit it's nice seeing my Dad actually buying gifts. It's a bit of a reversal of roles since my Mom usually bought all the gifts growing up. Now it's my Mom that's slipped in the gift buying department. Its mostly due to the Parkinson's and her not being able to drive. She was so happy to have my Dad's name for Secret Santa. She actually bought his gift after the holidays while I took her shopping. That left Tasha and Trina with having each other's names.

As far as the "coming out to my parents" deal I blogged about last year (hee), I'm wavering again. But I did finally tell my older sis Tasha about it on our way to dinner with my younger sis. So both of my sisters officially know. I knew it would be a nonevent and even prefaced it by telling Tasha that I knew she already knew, which she did.

I decided to make an effort to be closer to both my sisters by treating them to dinner. Since Trina worked late we wound up going to a Chinese buffet closer to her job. We had a nice time catching up and the hope is we'll get together more often in 2010.

Since having my car accident last November on Thanksgiving no less (
yeah I didn't get a chance to blog about that), I'm realizing that I need to make a greater effort to connect with my family. We're only on the Earth for such a short time and tomorrow isn't guaranteed for anyone.

I even got to hang out with Eugene while he was in Detroit. Actually he needed a place to crash after Christmas in Chicago for a day or so before his friend (lost love Larry) drove from his place in Wisconsin to pick him up, their ultimate destination being the 2010 Sugar Bowl (
whereever it was...*LOL*). I wasn't going to be home during that time so we needed to meet so I could give him my keys.

So all in all it was a full holiday. I ended 2009 getting tipsy on a date. This happened on December 30th. I met this guy TopChef from Springfield, IL who was visiting his family in Northwest Indiana for dinner. We had a nice time. I guess I had too nice a time drinking a total of one rum/coke, a half bottle of Pinot Noir (
with our dinner), and later on two Pomegranate Cosmos and a lager beer. TopChef drank as much as I did but he was better able to handle his liquor. I was tipsy enough that I had to get a hotel (well TopChef did) where we of course made out madly but didn't have full blown sex. He had such suction with his mouth that he nearly pulled my tongue out my socket a few times.

Since I was tipsy on the 30th I limited my alcohol on New Year's Eve to two drinks, though that didn't stop me from getting a drink spilled on me in the wee hours of 2010 while dancing at a nightclub.

Ain't that screwed and chopped up? But that's not as screwed and chopped as some of these songs I found on YouTube. Apparently screwed and chopped music originated from Houston, Texas in the mid 90's. I guess I missed that somehow. Perhaps not living in Houston played a role. Apparently it's a way of remixing hip-hop music to play in a slower beat. The results are funny but oddly enough enticing. In fact some of the songs sound even better after getting the "chopped and screwed" treatment. I'll close my blog with a few selections that I liked. I will definitely be looking for more "chopped and screwed" music in the future.

Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

Kut Klose - I Like

Aaliyah - One In A Million

Alexander O'Neal - If You Were Here Tonight

Phil Collins/Jeffrey Osbourne - Easy Lover

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