Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Coming Up Short

I made an appointment last Thursday to have my heart scored. Truth is, I'm not sure why I made it. My dog-gone blood pressure has still been driving me batty with its mood swings and I basically wanted to make sure that my heart was still okay. I mean I'd hate it to be enlarged or something. By process of elimination, I ruled out liver and lung problems, which I'm told could cause secondary hbp. My cholesterol and trig levels, with the exception of my low HDL, have been normal.

So my appointed day was Tuesday morning at 8AM. I had to fast 14 hours prior. But let's be real. I work until 6:30 PM most nights so there's no way my last meal of the day could be before 6PM. The only other appointments were 6AM, which would be a 4PM meal cut-off (right...*LOL*) and 10PM, which would be an 8PM cut-off but would cut into work. So I did fast but only for 12 hours. I doubt two hours would make that much of a difference either way.

I was supposed to come in fifteen minutes early to fill out paperwork. But I woke up a bit late and wound up arriving two minutes after 8AM. Luckily there wasn't a big crowd at the facility, which seemed to be a rehabilitation center for seniors.

A nice older lady named Ann (that's her real name...*LOL*) gave me the paperwork information and then proceeded to draw blood from me. The results from that would be sent to me in 3 weeks. She then measured my body fat percentage, which was at a stunning 12.5%. (Nice.) She then took my height and weight. She said my weight was 173, which I knew probably translated to 164 on my scale at home. For some reason, they always weigh you heavier at the doctor's office. But then I got the shock of my life when she measured my height. She had me take off my shoes and stand tall. Despite doing that, she told me I was 5 foot 8 and a half. I was like...what? Well, to myself I was like...what? All my adult life, I thought I was 5"10. I mean I remember when they measured us for caps and gowns in high school, I measured at that height. As I thought about it, though, I think I wore my hair longer back in the day and maybe whoever measured me, included my hair.

She later took an EKG. That was fine. My blood pressure was already elevated at 142/98 but whatever. 5 foot 8 and a half? How can that be? Maybe that's why I never had much game in the dating department? *LOL*

I paid my $65 for the tests and made small talk with an older gentleman. After finishing chatting with him and wishing him a happy holiday, I left the hospital. As soon as I got in my car, I called Eugene, hoping for a sympathetic ear. Of course he teased me the whole time about my height difference. He's freaking 5"9 and now he realizes that he's taller than me. I emphasized that I have the half inch, which means we were probably the same height. That was all for naught, of course. He found it hard to believe nobody in all my years ever challenged my 5"10 assertion. I couldn't really recall. Then he said that he'd of course would've figured it out had we met. I almost wish I had kept my mouth shut since we actually will be meeting for the first time in a few days when we're both in Detroit. I so can't wait to finally meet Eugene. He's like the big brother I wish I had growing up. I guess we'll have something else to debate about...*LOL*.

Remember when I said I wished I were two inches taller? Let's add two and a half inches to that wish. Sigh.

Hemingway at least I had a great meal to make up for the lack of eating Monday. Our holiday lunch was at Cheesecake Factory. The decision for the restaurant was a bit of a controversy since the person who picked it lived just minutes from it. But nonetheless the food was the bomb. I'm gonna have a time detailing what I had on my food blog...*LOL*.

In other news, I finished my Secret Santa shopping for Tasha. I chose to focus on physical fitness for her since she says she works out six times a week. I bought her a new gym bag and a yoga set. I hope she enjoys them since stupid ass SportsMart doesn't offer gift receipts.

My train trip to Detroit is Friday morning. I have to get up before the crack of dawn to get to the local Metra to whisk me to Union Station. Here's to a new adventure.


Blogger lj said...

Hey Shorty..LOL. I once had a guy swear up and down that he was 6'2" even while standing face to face with me. I'm 5'11".

12:42 AM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger Essequibo said...

*grinz* lemme find out you're shrinking...

It's all good though. You work your 5'8 out - the hell with the rest...and just think, you could be shorter *grinz, as someone who is shorter and reading this cusses me out*

9:34 AM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

This reminds me of when I went to the doctor for a checkup. The nurse took my weight and told me that I was 210lbs. I almost fell off of the scale. She tried to comfort me by saying that it was normal for a man of 6'2". Not only had I hit the 200lb mark, I had passed it by 10 lbs.

But I am happy to now say that I am 182lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:25 PM, December 21, 2005  
Blogger Jamal K. Franklin said...

You've inspiried me - I'm going to start a food diary...I think!

Coming Into Reality,

1:51 PM, December 22, 2005  
Blogger fratman1906 said...

The Army rounded my height up to 5'8". That was the only positive experience I ever had with Uncle Sam. Always been the shortest one in the family, but don't think about calling me a 'shawty'. That's a fighting word. Glad to stop by your page. Will add it to my regular reads. Shem hotep!

10:13 PM, January 07, 2006  

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