Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor For Love

I was supposed to be home in Detroit for the holiday weekend. A combination of work and laziness kept me from going home. But not to worry I plan on going home next weekend. I took Friday and Monday off work to do so. I could hear in my Dad's voice his disappointment when I told him I wasn't coming. I still am amazed even years later on how much mellow my Dad's become as he's gotten older.

Parents have their own way of making their kids feel guilty. At least my parents have that effect on me. But I do love my parents so I'll definitely pay a visit.

So Hemingway I spent most of my weekend playing email, phone, and text tag with this hottie I chatted with on one of my social network sites. This past Friday was the first time I chatted with him. He had a nude picture of his nicely sculpted torso (minus his face) and his erect peewee. When I sent him a message complimenting his bod, I honestly didn't expect a response. But we exchanged emails and eventually traded numbers. He actually invited me to hang out with his friends at a bar. I declined since I was having one of my "ant-e-social" moments (at least in real life, not online). I made the suggestion that we go out bowling (hee...the irony) on Saturday. I suggested 1 PM but HotRod had a feeling he'd be hanging out real late and opted for 4PM. He said he'd call Saturday.

So Saturday comes and I don't get a call by afternoon. I decided to call him around 2pm but he sounded horrible. He told me that he stayed out till 5:30AM. Not only that but he was suffering from a huge hangover after downing several vodka and juice drinks. HotRod felt he'd be himself if we hung out early evening instead. I was skeptical but I went along with it.

Around 7:45 I got tired of waiting so I texted him and said I was making dinner for myself. He stated he was still lying in bed and didn't feel good. We texted back and forth for a bit and then we said our goodbyes for the day.

So yesterday (09/06) afternoon against my better sense I called HotRod. I got his voicemail. Twenty minutes later he sent me a text. We chatted back and forth and he apoligized for Saturday. I apologized for Friday. So I asked if he wanted to meet and he agreed to do so. We decided to meet around 4:30 for bowling and dinner.

HotRod truly was a hot rod, hence my nickname for him. He wore some form fitting blue jeans and a baseball shirt that complimented his upper body well. At 30 years old and 190 pounds, he's younger than the guys I've typically dated. He's also of Polish descent and I enjoyed hearing his accent.

He mentioned that he was a cop (and yeah he has cuffs for if we get naughty...*LOL*) so it surprised me to hear another accent coming out. It was the so-called "gay" accent. However it's a battle between his polish and gay accent with nice results. He also had a bit of a walk to him. However I was so attracted to him that I honestly didn't care.

I couldn't stop looking at him whenever it was his turn to bowl. His clothes definitely highlighted his muscular physique and I had images of his naked body in my head. We bowled a total of 4 games.

We had agreed to go to dinner afterward but it was nice knowing that neither one of us were anxious to end the date early. He got in my car and we drove to a Chinese restaurant fifteen minutes away.

Dinner was really nice and we got to know a few things more about each other. He's a Scorpio (my ex Rock is also one) so that may be interesting...again. Similar to my friend Eugene, he says what's on his mind and it doesn't matter at the time if he's hurting that person's feelings. He says in that regard that he's honest to a fault. If it's something that he truly feels, he will let it out. As I've mentioned in relation to Eugene, that's a double edge sword for me. On the one hand it's better to hear the truth but there are times when the truth can't be handled. During those times I can't handle the truth, I would get pissy but then it would force me to think. Ultimately it is better to be straightforward than to tell half-truths. It's something that I'm working to do more of.

His last relationship also lasted for two years, similar to mine. I didn't ask why it ended. I'll save that for another time.

Before I knew it dinner was over. I drove us back to the bowling alley and back to his car. We both expressed how much we enjoyed the date. There was this awkward moment where we weren't sure what the other person wanted to do. I really wanted to kiss HotRod and was trying to do all kind of nonverbal (yeah yeah yeah...straightforward honest, right ....*LOL*) actions to express that. I'm not sure if HotRod even noticed those but he leaned over towards me and I leaned to him and we exchanged an electric kiss.

It was a really nice end to a great date. I haven't had a date where things didn't end after a make out session at someone's place. It felt like a hetero date in a way. If we stay true to the hetero pattern, our third date should be the 'sex date'. Woo hoo!

The best thing about his kiss. I didn't taste any cigarette breath like I did with Colin. Digressing from HotRod for a few sentences (okay probably a paragraph or two...*LOL*)

Speaking of Colin, it appears he's officially written me off. The last correspondence I had with Colin was an email telling me his phone had been stolen from the gym. It just so happened that around that time he was also heading out to Vegas with some friends. He wanted me to give him my number so that he can add me back. I gave it to him but I haven't heard a peep from him. It's almost a month now since that email. I know he's alive because I see him logged on my social network site all the time.

I'm sure his friends (who all smoke) probably reminded him that I wasn't a big fan of the smoking. I really harped on it a few times and I'm sure they mentioned that if things were going anywhere, that would be an issue. Not to mention the distance thing would be major. I kinda wish Colin and I had a frank conversation about our feelings instead of avoiding the issue. But it's just as well.

Back to HotRod, so you know I called Eugene after our date was over to spill the tea. While Eugene and I were chatting, HotRod sent me a text telling me that I was very handsome. I told him he was a stud. While talking to Eugene, I was texting back and forth with HotRod. So we'll see where this one goes.

I also shared my date news with Sally who has some potential great news of her own. Let's just say she's been hunting for a job related to her field for almost two years now and it's possible that the search may soon be over. She's been in talks with a manager of a government contract firm in Virginia. Yeah my #1 girl may be soon leaving Chicago. I'm sad by the possibility but at the same time the Virgina/DC/Maryland area is where she wants to be. Plus I can always visit her. She also reconnected with an old love that lives in the area and things seem to be really taking off there. So it's almost like work and love may be converging for Sally. Please pray for her that she gets this blessing.

Back to me....Incidentally I have another date planned later in the week with another guy (in another state...Missouri so at least it's closer than Massaschusetts). I could hear the groans already...*LOL*. I'll share that story another time.

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Blogger Ladynay said...

ROFL@the hetero date comparisons!

I got my fingers crossed for you and Sally!

7:59 AM, September 08, 2009  
Blogger DFitz Online said...

why can't i have a good date?

7:46 AM, September 09, 2009  
Blogger That Dude Right There said...

Brotha, i'm pulling for you on the dating front!!

6:00 PM, September 18, 2009  
Blogger E said...

I'm pulling for you too TDRT..:-) As for me, the HotRod hasn't been in touch at all these last couple days. If he doesn't realize what a good catch I am, it's his loss.

7:45 PM, September 19, 2009  

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