Friday, August 12, 2005

Track Of Songs

I received a challenge from my long-time friend "Stan" earlier today. A little brief history on Stan. He was one of the folks I had interview me when I was applying for a job way back in 1997. He's a brother whose family is originally from Haiti. Anyway I wound up getting the job and years later Stan would tell me that when I met him that day, I was talking all "street" going "Yo, what's the dealio, bro" and slang like that (ok fine, I wasn't hip...*LOL*)but as soon as I got the job, I was all prim and proper with him. We would always laugh whenever recalling that time. Perhaps I was thinking he'd relate to me more if I was, umm, "down". Stan no longer works at my company instead devoting himself full-time into real estate and being his own boss. However, we've kept our friendship over the years, which I've grown to treasure.

So Hemingway (my dorky way of saying anyway), I was telling him how I was getting back into the gym and stuff. He then asked me if I ever ran across Bally's track. I never had. I don't know why, really, but I always seemed intimidated by that track, instead opting for the safety and anonymity of the treadmill. I always felt like when you're on the track, you're putting yourself out on display for all the other folks doing stationary weight exercises. I like blending into the background as opposed to being seen. We were talking some more and then he dared me to run 3-5 times around the track. I was a bit nervous but I accepted.

As I got to the gym, I realized that one time around the track wasn't technically equal to a mile. I talked to one of the folks working there and she told me going about 10-11 times around would equal 1 mile. I'm inclined to think 10.

So I put my very cool Rio MP3 player on and as I laid my Pretty Brown Eyes on the gray track area, I took a deep breath and realized Me, Myself, and I would be the only one that could accomplish this goal. I said to myself, 'Float like a Butterfly, sting like a bee' and before I can say Sussudio ten times backwards, I'd reach my goal. I walked a lap to feel out the terrain. Then I began to run Back & Forth around the track. Around lap 4, my pager fell out from my side pocket. 'It's Not Right But It's Ok', I said to myself as I went back to pick it up. I wound up going 13 laps before realizing I Don't Want To not Live To Tell Stan about my accomplishment. One Thing I have to say. I love my MP3 player.

Today was a pretty cool day. We had our annual company outing at Navy Pier. We had lunch inside a cruise ship called the Odyssey. I was pleasantly surprised by the menu choices, which include roasted duck, lobster ravioli, and other fine dishes. As much stress as I've been having at work, I definitely needed the break. Although when we got back at 3:30, I went back to work until 6:30. Such a dedicated employee! I know Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki wouldn't approve...*LOL*. Sorry.

I was a bit bummed to realize I'm only getting $3200 back between the state and federal government. I was also annoyed with the $351 fee the H&R block lady charged me for doing my returns, which will eat into my refund. I would've argued about it but I sorta went there on company time Wednesday and was in a rush to get out. At least now I know how to do the Schedule C myself and won't need assistance next year. There's always a bright side...*LOL*.



Blogger taylorSiluw√© ..... said...

Well Hemingway ... that's not dorky at all, actually, it's kinda endearing.

However, don't throw away the 'dorky' badge just yet ... can you really say Sussidio backwards 10 times?

Yeah? Don't fret. I'm on the job, we'll work on exemplifying your cool points.

12:26 PM, August 14, 2005  
Blogger HOLIDAY N said...

I no lie love Hemingway as a saying..and I like the incopor porating of songs into the post.Believe it or not,I also like the background more times than not.It's too much trying to give everybody what they expect.

2:43 PM, August 14, 2005  
Blogger HOLIDAY N said...

p.s. I LOVE the song LIVE TO TEll
How will they hear-----
how will they learn----
how will they know-------

2:48 PM, August 14, 2005  
Blogger E said...

Actually that's my 2nd favorite part of Live To Tell too. My top favorite is when there's that 30-sec musical silence before Madonna continues to sing. And I was relistening to the clip I chose for Amarie's One Thing. That was not Amerie singing...sounded like a poor imitation...but it still sounded half-way decent.

And nope taylor, I can't say the word Sussudio backwards even once. But it sounded cool to say. Thanks for dropping by.

6:12 PM, August 14, 2005  
Blogger Marz said...

I think all tracks should have the number of times around ewuals a mile posted. You never know on a new track, and no one ever seems to know exactly.


9:41 PM, February 18, 2006  

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