Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I had the most crazy day today. It started out innocent enough with me driving along listening to Paula Abdul's Straight Up CD. As I sang about the way that you love me and how I was knocked out taking two steps back, I as usual was playing around with the A/C. Unfortunately my A/C's been on the fritz for over two years. The air resistor thingie died and basically the only way my air works is if I put on real high. Of course, that gets cold real fast so I have to moments later, turn it off. Apparently doing this back and forth caused my display lights and gauges to all go out of whack. I was so afraid my car was going to die on the way to work but I made it to the office, where upon shutting off the engine, the car literally stopped motion in a New York Second, unlike normally where it'd gradually die down. I thought nothing of it and went into the office.

Work. Problems, problems, problems. Unfortunately a lot of accounts weren't updated with application sensitive data. The issue wound up being due to a conversion step being forgotten. It took me half the day to figure that out.

In the meantime, I tried to get a break from the office by going out to Subway's. I get to my car and it won't start. I sit in the car for a minute just stunned. I pop open the trunk as if I had a fucking clue what to do. Umm, nope! I sighed as I slammed it back and wound up ordering mundane cafeteria food before they closed shop.

After working through work issues some more, I go to security to see if they have jumper cables. They don't and apparently the company doesn't want to get involved for fears that a sneaky employee might want to sue.

Luckily I was able to find a co-employee ("Bob") who had a set of jumper cables. He was able to start my car right off once the connections were made. Bob suggested I turn off my engine and try starting it on my own. It didn't click. He redid the connections and I was able to start it straight away. Bob was nice enough to let me have the jumper cables in case I needed them on the way home.

I decided to stop by the place where I purchased my battery. I wanted to see if perhaps something was wrong with it. Logically that would make sense but I was horrified that it may have been my alternator, which would cost mucho dinero. I was fortunate enough that it was a bad battery and they replaced it free of charge. How cool is that?

I later went to work out. And I went on the track!!!!! I'm so hyped up.


Blogger TeeBee said...

Glad you were able to get the car started! Be nice to Bob in case you need him again.

11:51 PM, August 16, 2005  
Blogger E said...

Yeah! I definitely will. Thanks for stopping by.

8:24 AM, August 18, 2005  
Blogger Marz said...

( LOL at how you're going to react to my million comments in your inbox. LOL)

Got to Walmart and get some jumper cables. A pair have saved the crazy heifers and I in some crazy situations. (LOL reminiscing.)


9:51 PM, February 18, 2006  

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